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Canadian Running – March/April 2009 – wrote “Butt it Out” IMPACT Magazine – June/July 2009 – wrote “Planks and Bridges”
Canadian Running – June/July 2009 – wrote “Functional Abs” IMPACT magazine – March/April 2010, – wrote “Planks and Bridges Part II – Taking it to the next level”
Effective Core Training? in the FitLifeBC Magazine (V.03 / Issue 02/03 Spring/Summer 2011) – a BCRPA publication. Canadian Cycling magazine – February/March 2011 – wrote “Weight Training – Forget the tires, pump up your body”
BC Coaches Perspective – Fall 2010 – wrote “Run Strong: Effective Strength, Power and Core Training for the Endurance Runner” IMPACT magazine – September/October 2010 – wrote “The Dynamics of Stretching.”
Canadian Running – January/February 2010 – wrote “Stand your ground” Canadian Running – July/August 2010 – wrote “Go Ahead and Jump: Using plyometric training to improve running performance”
Canadian Running magazine – March/April 2011 – wrote “Power Tools” Canadian Running magazine – May/June 2011 – wrote “Best Core Strength Workouts for Runners”
IMPACT Magazine – May/June 2011 – wrote “Tall in the Saddle” Spinach for Efficiency and Arginine: An Infection Fighter in the Essentials section of the September/October 2011 issue of Maximum Fitness.
Running Times Magazine – July/August 2011 – co-authored Core Considerations with Vancouver, BC based Chiropractor Dr. Carla Cupido. PDF HERE. More Than Swim, Bike, Run: Effective Weight Training. Triathlon Magazine Canada, Volume 6/Issue 5, September/October 2011.
Canadian Cycling Magazine – June/July 2011 – co-authored “All Crossed Up” with Dr. Carla Cupido, a Vancouver-based chiropractor. PDF HERE. Train Hard, Recover Harder – 6 Steps to better recovery. Canadian Cycling Magazine. October/November 2011.
The Reign of a Sprain is a Bloody Pain in Trail Run Ezine, Australia/New Zealand, Vol. 1 Ed. #2, Spring 2011. Easy as A, B, C. Canadian Running Magazine. January/February 2012. Volume 5, Issue 1.
Tone Up, Look Sexy. Add a little oomph to your upper body with a strong finish to your workout. Oxygen Magazine. January 2012. Fast-Track Your Fat Loss – Oxygen Magazine’s Fat Loss Collector’s Issue, Winter 2012.
The Turkish Get Up: Functional Strength, Core Stability & Fitness in One Exercise. Inside Fitness Magazine. April/May 2012. Vol. 7 Issue 2. Power Your Way to Speed: Improved Strength Leads to a Faster You. Canadian Cycling Magazine. Feb-March 2012. Vol. 3 Issue 1
The Runner’s 6-Pack: 6 Functional Exercises to Improve Running Strength. February/March 2012 Issue. Do no harm in the gym with my latest article in Canadian Running Magazine. May/June 2012.
Mobility Drills for Cyclists. Canadian Cycling Magazine. Aug/Sept 2012. 4 Weeks to Your Best Butt! Oxygen Magazine. May 2012
Torch Your Belly Fat. Reps! Magazine. May/June 2012. Link HERE. And also coauthored All Fired Up with Michal Kapral. Play to Get Lean: Take Your Training Outdoors – Without Missing the Results You’d Get In the Gym. Men’s Fitness. July/August 2012.
30-minutes to a Flab-free Butt! Glutes 2012 special issue by Oxygen Magazine. Super Fit Super Fast: An Introduction to Suspension Training. Oxygen Magazine. August 2012.
Intense Fat Burning Workout: An Introduction to Sandbag Training. Oxygen Magazine. November 2012. The 6-Week Perfect Balance Workout co-written with Lee Boyce. Inside Fitness Magazine. Oct/Nov 2012.
Weightlifting Myths Debunked. Canadian Running Magazine. Jan/Feb 2013. Keep it Simple. Tips for an Injury Free Season. Runner’s World Magazine. Feb 2013.
It’s In the Bag. Fat Burning & Strength Building Sandbag Workout. Reps Magazine. Nov/Dec 2012. Link HERE. Upper Body Training for Cyclists. Canadian Cycling Magazine. Feb/Mar 2013.
Spring Tune Up, iRun magazine. April 2013. Link HERE. Build Strength with Non-Traditional Tools. May/June 2013 Canadian Running Magazine.
Turkish Delight. Oxygen Magazine. June 2013. 15-Min of Hell (in a good way). Reps Magazine. March/April 2013.
6-Weeks to Mass Monster. MuscleMag. May 2013. Coauthored with Lee Boyce. 6 Rounds of Sweat. Reps magazine. May/June 2013. Also coauthored the Fat Blasting Barbell Circuit with Lee Boyce.
Get Stronger, Run Faster. June 2013 issue of iRun magazine. Link HERE. Explosive Lifting for Faster Running. September/October 2013 issue of Canadian Running magazine.
The Breakdown of Foam Rolling and Self Massage. November/December 2013 issue of Canadian Running magazine. Build Strength Without Size. January/February 2014 issue of Canadian Running magazine.
Playing with Fire. Reps magazine. July/August 2013. Also wrote the Russian Revolution: Kettlebell Training. Two-Way HIIT. Oxygen Magazine. January 2014.
Zap Fat Fast. Oxygen Magazine. March 2014. Step Up Your Cardio. Oxygen Magazine. May 2014.
Surviving an Ankle Sprain. Trail Special issue 2014; Canadian Running magazine. Asymmetrical Loading: A Full Body Crunchless Core Workout. May/June 2014; Canadian Running magazine.
Run, Lift and Get Lean. July/August 2014; Canadian Running magazine. 4 Rules for Building Strength. July/August 2014; Get Out There magazine. Link HERE.
Stretches for Cycling Season. Canadian Cycling Magazine. June/July 2014. Optimal Strength, Power and Flexibility Exercises for Cyclocross. Canadian Cycling Magazine. October/November 2014.
Maximum Muscle. Inside Fitenss magazine. October 2014. Insider Info Q&A. Inside Fitenss magazine. May 2015.
Build a Foundation of Strength. September/October 2014; Canadian Running magazine. Magnificent Mobility. November/December 2014; Canadian Running magazine.
30-Minute to a Stronger Runner. January/February 2015; Canadian Running magazine. Run a Faster Half Marathon. March/April 2015; Canadian Running magazine.
How to Build a Deep Chest. Men’s Fitenss magazine. May 2015. Insider Info Q&A. Inside Fitenss magazine. June/July 2015.
Stability Ball Exercises for Trail Runners. Trail Special Issue 2015; Canadian Running magazine. 8 Weeks to Your First Half Marathon. May 2015; Strong Fitness magazine.
Insider Info Q&A. Inside Fitenss magazine. Aug/Sept 2015. Insider Info Q&A. Inside Fitness magazine. October 2015.
Quoted in Weighted Lunges for Stronger Running. May 2015; Competitor magazine. Home Band Exercises for Marathoners. Sept/Oct 2015; Canadian Running magazine.
Co-wrote Real World Weight Loss with Julia Howard. July/Aug 2016; Canadian Running magazine. Runners, Meet the Gym. Summer 2017; Canadian Running magazine.
Get Fit in Four. Strong Fitness magazine. Nov/Dec 2015. Insider Info Q&A. Inside Fitness magazine. Dec/Jan 2016.
Know the Drill. Strong Fitness magazine. Sept/Oct 2016. Insider Info Q&A. Inside Fitness magazine. Aug/Sept 2017.
ASK. Muscle & Fitness magazine. September 2017. Not So Complex Gains, Part I and ASK. Muscle & Fitness magazine. October 2017.
Hitting the Road or the Gym. Nov/Dec 2017; Canadian Running magazine. Swings and Slams. Nov/Dec 2017; STRONG magazine.
Not So Complex Gains, Part II and ASK. Muscle & Fitness magazine. November 2017.

Jon’s Online Articles

jon-erik kawamoto, fitness coach

  • Hybrid Density Training: The Best Fat Loss Workout You’re NOT Doing. Link HERE.

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  • The Abdominal Trifecta Workouts. Link HERE.
  • Intensity Amplifier: Four Rep Tempos in One. Link HERE.
  • 6 Recovery Strategies for the Workout-aholic. Link HERE.
  • 11 Reasons You’re Not Breaking Through Training Plateaus. Link HERE.
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  • Time Crunch Training: 15-minute Chest Routine. Link HERE.
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  • Time Crunch Training: 15-minute to Wider Shoulders. Link HERE.
  • Time Crunch Training: 10-minute Arm Blow Out. Link HERE.
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  • 10 Ways to Build Strength Without Size. Link HERE.
  • 10 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Workouts. Link HERE.

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  • 5 Ways to Amp Up Barbell Complexes. Link HERE.
  • 9 Ways to Amp Up a Pull Up. Link HERE.
  • Uncommon Exercises to Combat Training Problems. Link HERE.
  • 5 Ways to Amp Up Muscle Growth. Link HERE.
  • December Bulk Fest. Link HERE.
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  • Build Mass with Squats and Milk. Link HERE.
  • 6-Week Fat Blast. Link HERE.
  • 5 Tips for Cold Weather Training. Link HERE.
  • March Madness Strength & Conditioning Program. Link HERE.
  • Medicine Ball Exercises for Strength Training. Link HERE.
  • Strategic Exercise Pairing for More Size. Link HERE.
  • Strategic Circuit Training for Maximum Calorie Burn. Link HERE.
  • Stagger Your Stance for More Gains. Link HERE.

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  • A Surfire Way to Learn the Clean. Link HERE.
  • A Surfire Way to Learn the Snatch. Link HERE.
  • 2-a-Day Training for Radical Gains. Link HERE.

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  • Why The Word ‘Cardio’ Doesn’t Make Sense. Link HERE.
  • Single Arm Training: The Ab Solution You’ve Never Thought Of. Link HERE.
  • The Real Tabata. Link HERE.
  • The Misery Machine: 4 Brutal Fan Bike Workouts. Link HERE.
  • The Road to Two-Plates. Link HERE.
  • 3 Rules for Effective Sandbag Training. Link HERE.
  • How 4 Letters Can Spell Fitness Success. Link HERE.
  • How to Strength Train for Cycling. Link HERE.
  • Safely Improve Your Shoulder Strength and Mobility. Link HERE.
  • 5 Rules to Faster Running. Link HERE.
  • In Pursuit Of Speed: 6 Sure-Fire Tips To Make You Run Faster. Link HERE.

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  • The Ultimate Hybrid Size Workout. Link HERE.
  • 5 Bodybuilding Rules You Have to Break to Add Size. Link HERE.
  • Fat Loss Methods: Which is Right For You? Link HERE.

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  • Become a Basement Badass. Link HERE.

jon-erik kawamoto personal trainer

  • My Top 3 Eye-Openers from the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Level I & II Certification Course. Link HERE.
  • Training in 3D. Link HERE.

Jon-Erik Kawamoto Fitness Trainer

  • Work Your Core Off the Floor. Link HERE.

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  • 16 Exercise Favorites from the World’s Best Trainers. Link HERE.

  • The Death of “Functional” in Personal Training. The Personal Trainer Development Center. Link HERE.
  • What are Strength Exercises for Runners? The Science and the Programming. Link HERE.

  • GPP: Train for Life and Prepare for Anything. The Greatist. Link HERE.
  • How to Fix the Most Common Workout Mistakes. The Greatist. Co-authored with JC Deen. Link HERE.
  • The Ultimate Sandbag Full Body Workout. The Greatist. Link HERE.

Jon-Erik Kawamoto personal trainer

  • Optimal Core Training for Runners. Link HERE.
  • Squat Like It’s Hot. Link HERE.
  • Warm-up Tips for Race Day. Link HERE.

  • 5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger. Link HERE.
  • The Crunch-less Core Workout for Runners. Link HERE.
  • 3 Lunge Variations You Should Be Doing. Link HERE.
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  • Coach’s Corner: Troubleshooting the Front Plank. Link HERE.
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  • Coach’s Corner: Troubleshooting the Deadlift. Link HERE.
  • Coach’s Corner: Troubleshooting the Reverse Lunge. Link HERE.
  • Coach’s Corner: Troubleshooting the Squat. Link HERE.
  • Dumbbell Complexes for Faster Running. Link HERE.
  • An Introduction to Sandbag Training for Runners. Link HERE.
  • 6 Exercises to Work Your Glutes. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in The Importance of Back Strength for Runners. Link HERE.
  • How Runners can Improve Foot Strength. Link HERE.
  • 5 Steps to Engage Your Glutes During Strength Training. Link HERE.

  • Planks Gone Bad. Link HERE.
  • What’s in Your Gym Bag? Link HERE.
  • Natural Running. Link HERE.
  • Strength Work for Runners. Link HERE.
  • Exercise of the Month: Angled Barbell Squat. Link HERE.

  • 3 Tips to Improve Your Core Training. Men’s Running, UK.

JKConditioning’s Media Appearances


  • My Glutes Look Amazing. Link HERE.

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  • Quoted in Beware: The Group Fitness Crutch. Link HERE.


  • Quoted in 8 Ultra Effective Workout Moves that Top Fitness Trainers Love. Link HERE.

  • Quoted in How to Minimize Your Risk of Injury When Lifting Heavier Weights. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in Why Deadlifts are Worth the Hype and How to Do Them Safely. Link HERE.

  • Quoted in Here’s How To Start Running, Stick With It, And Not Totally Hate It. Link HERE.

  • Quoted in Become a Better Pick-up Basketball Player with These Strength Exercises. Link HERE.

  • Quoted in How to Breathe when Working Out and Running. Link HERE.

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  • Quoted in The Real Weight Loss Workout. Link HERE.

men's health

  • Quoted in Supersize Your Biceps – Without a Single Curl. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in A Simple Way to Build New Muscle. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in Is This Making You Fat? Link HERE.
  • Quoted in Is Your Body Made For Running? Link HERE.

Jon-Erik Kawamoto Personal Trainer

  • Quoted in How Long Should it Take to See Muscle Definition. Link HERE.

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  • Quoted in Build Muscle Fast: 5 Training Methods You Forgot About. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in Trainer Q&A: Are Machine-Workouts Dead? Link HERE.
  • Quoted in Strength Training for Marathon Runners. Link HERE.
  • Thomas King quoted in 6 Exercises that Naturally Increase Testosterone in Men. Link HERE.

jon-erik kawamoto personal trainer

  • Quoted in 5 Exercise Machines That Aren’t Worth Your Time. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in 5 Smarter Ways to Train Your Heart. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in 9 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day. Link HERE.

jkconditioning fitness training

  • Quoted in The CrossFit Craze: Should You Try It? by Jessica Smith for iVillage. Link HERE.

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  • Contributed to How to Run Your Best Half-Marathon (ever) put together by the folks at the Greatist. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in 18 Running Workouts to Try Something New. Link HERE.

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  • Quoted in Trainers Reveal: The Best Total Body Moves of All Time. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in 8 Cardio Myths That Are Making You Fat. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in 15 Exercises Trainers Would Never Do. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in Trainers Reveal: Motivational Mantras That Get Results. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in The Best Inner-Thigh Exercises for Women. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in Trainers Reveal: The Exercise I’m Loving Right Now. Link HERE.


  • Quoted in Ask a Health editor on on the topic of muscle cramps – June 2008. Link HERE.

the body cast

  • Interviewed on the Bodycast podcast, Ep. 8 on perfecting your running stride. November 2012. Link HERE.


  • Interviewed on the Canadian Running Magazine Podcast on Running Resolutions. January 2012. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in Snow Shovelling for Runners. Link HERE.
  • Quoted in Overtraining: What Is It and How to Recognize It. Link HERE.

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  • Quoted in 20 Top Trainers’ Best Motivational Quotes on Link HERE.
  • Quoted in What Muscles Do Wide-Grip Pullups Work? on Link HERE.
  • Quoted in How Often Should You Take a Break From Lifting Weights? on Link HERE.
  • Quoted in How to Build Muscle Power on Link HERE.
  • Quoted in Circuit Training Barbell Exercises on Link HERE.
  • Quoted in 9 Essential Strength Benchmarks for Women on Link HERE.

  • Interviewed on Link HERE.

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  • Quoted in Infuse your classes and training sessions with the fun factor written by Amanda Vogel in the April/May 2010 issue of ACE Certified News.

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  • Quoted in 7 Ways to Maximize your Workout. Link HERE.


  • Interviewed in the Workology section of the Metro Newspaper. February 2008.

Jon - Metro Newspaper Interview - Feb 11,08

Quoted in Be a Marathon Man, written by the Craig Davidson in the July/August 2011 issue of Maximum Fitness. Quoted in Top Training Shoes, written by Jeremy Duval and Michal Kapral in the March/April 2013 issue of Reps Magazine.
Participated in a kettlebell Q&A in the July/August 2013 issue of Reps Magazine. Quoted in The Ultimate Walk-Run Interval Training Program. Best Health magazine, October 2013.
Quoted in Cardio Confused. Inside Fitness Women’s Training Guide, Winter 2013. Quoted in Building Bigger Quads. Inside Fitness magazine, Feb/March 2014.
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