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  • Hybrid Density Training: The Best Fat Loss Workout You’re NOT Doing.  Link HERE.

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  • A Surfire Way to Learn the Clean. Link HERE.
  • A Surfire Way to Learn the Snatch. Link HERE.
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  • Why The Word ‘Cardio’ Doesn’t Make Sense. Link HERE.
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  • Become a Basement Badass. Link HERE.

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  • My Top 3 Eye-Openers from the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Level I & II Certification Course. Link HERE.
  • Training in 3D. Link HERE.

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  • Work Your Core Off the Floor. Link HERE.

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  • 16 Exercise Favorites from the World’s Best Trainers. Link HERE.

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  • GPP: Train for Life and Prepare for Anything. The Greatist. Link HERE.
  • How to Fix the Most Common Workout Mistakes. The Greatist. Co-authored with JC Deen. Link HERE.
  • The Ultimate Sandbag Full Body Workout. The Greatist. Link HERE.
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