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5 Tips for Pre-Race Mental Preparation

My good friend and past training partner Matt Johnston decided to take some time out of his busy schedule to write a guest post for StrongerRunner.com on mental preparation for racing. Matt’s a Performance Enhancement Consultant at Centered Lifestyle (www.centeredlifestyle.com) and he also represented Canada at the international level in Athletics. Take it away Matt…

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Q&A on Deadlifts

Q. At the start position of a deadlift should your elbows be locked? A. Yes. A good cue is to think of your arms like ropes and your hands like hooks.  The arms should stay locked and straight during the entire exercise.  There is no point during the deadlift where the elbows will need to

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Firefighter Fitness

Here’s a post I started a while ago but failed to get it up on JKConditioning.com until now.  It’s dedicated to current and future firefighters (FF) AKA Tactical Athletes, but also to personal trainers and strength coaches who train or want to train FFs.  (Also, it’s written very informally) The occupational demands of firefighting place

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The Truth about Curves

Well, it’s been a crazy two weeks here in Vancouver. The Olympics have brought a sense of unity and pride to our city and our nation. I’ve never seen strangers walking down the street giving high 5s and hugging each other after Canada’s Men Olympic hockey team won the gold medal yesterday after a nail-biting

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