GoRoll Review

Since the early 1990’s and early 2000’s, foam rolling or self myofascial release has been recommended by massage therapists, physiotherapists and some advanced strength & conditioning coaches to improve or maintain tissue quality and as a means to promote recovery between training sessions or competitions. For a history of foam rolling research, check out my

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JKConditioning’s Top 12 Fitness and Nutrition Tips for 2015

Well, it’s the beginning of 2015 and many of you probably have at least one fitness, nutrition or health related resolution you want to crush this year. I know you’ve got the best intentions, I know you’re feeling motivated, for many people that’s not the problem. The problem is first building the awareness of what

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Training in 3D

Looking for a challenging workout that combines moving and creating force in 3-dimensions? Check out this 3 exercise circuit that utilizes the Ultimate Sandbag (www.JKConditioning.com/USB): A1) Lateral Deadlift Clean to Rotational Overhead Press A2) Rotational Clean to Front Loaded Lateral Lunge A3) Single Leg Romanian Deadlift to Bent Over Row Perform each exercise for 40-seconds.

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