Triple Threat Tri-sets

*This is a guest post by Travis Stoetzel from and Travis uses hardcore aggressive methods to build lean muscular physiques in his Omaha, NE gym called The Forged Athlete Gym. His training principles are in line with mine so I thought it would be cool to get this beast of a man to write a guest

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30 Years 30 Health & Fitness Tips Part I

Well, it’s hard to believe, 30 years ago I was born. I’ve been blessed with health, education and awesome family and friends. I thought it would be fitting that since I’m 30, it would be a good idea to share with you my top 30 health and fitness tips that will help you live an

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Firefighter Fitness

Here’s a post I started a while ago but failed to get it up on until now.  It’s dedicated to current and future firefighters (FF) AKA Tactical Athletes, but also to personal trainers and strength coaches who train or want to train FFs.  (Also, it’s written very informally) The occupational demands of firefighting place

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