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Do You Want to Stop Wasting your Valuable Time in the Gym?


With Over 125 Published Fitness Articles, Almost 9 Years Experience, and Tons of Happy Clients, Jon Can’t Be Wrong

Did you know that doing too much in the gym can actually halt your progress?

Cookie-cutter programs are everywhere, and they are usually garbage. There is more to “getting abs” than just doing endless crunches. Squats are not bad for your knees and as scary as it sounds, “deadlifts” are not bad for your back.

I know you’re sick of wasting time in the gym and not getting results…

…but from now on, all your time spent working out will not be wasted.

I design individual specific exercise programs and teach you the ins and outs of working out so that you can actually achieve results and crush your health and fitness goals. And don’t worry…I”m not like Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser – I don’t yell and I’m actually a really nice guy :)

simon koeb“Just wanted to say thank you for the sessions we had. My progress especially in squats and deadlifts have been amazing ever since! I managed to get a better range of motion with the help of your mobility drills and some massage therapy and my overall posture got a LOT better…

I did a lot of soft tissue work and static stretching to get better ROM and more hip flexibility.This also had huge returns in terms of strength gains. My deadlift PR went up from about 315 (when I first consulted you) to 405.

My squatting depth is a lot better now and I can pretty much full squat (parallel) the same amount of weight which I used to squat with my very limited ROM.Thank you Jon. You are the man…. You’ll be missed on the Bestcoast :)”

Simon Koeb
Vancouver, BC


Let me help you not only reach, but surpass your fitness goals. With each other’s help, we can go places you never thought possible.




There’s a new, internationally published, personal trainer in St. John’s!

Hi, my name is Jon-Erik Kawamoto and I’m a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. I’m also a fitness writer and I’ve been published over 125 times in top fitness publications around the world including Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Oxygen, Runner’s World, and most recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s official website.

I’ve been a trainer and strength coach professionally for 8.5 years and I’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you. I have a Bachelor’s Degree and also a Master’s Degree, both in Kinesiology.

In addition, I hold the top level certification that the industry has to offer for strength and conditioning, I am a certified exercise physiologist, and have an up to date first-aid certification in addition to a host of other designations.

“First of all THANKS!!!! Yesterday was super fun and motivating, can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. My brain has been non stop since then. If we are any bit similar (which I would say is a good chance) once we get the taste of something that could be, you want and will work very hard to achieve it!!!! Its a very cool feeling you gave me yesterday!

As for my actual being, well now, everything is a little more tight today and in a good way! My body feels worked and sore but a nice sore, just like you said.

You have an amazing job and YOU DO IT VERY WELL.”
Kristy Hynes, St. John’s, NL, Triathlete, Adventure Racer

It’s important for me to stay up to date in the industry. So aside from reading the latest scientific research on strength, fitness and conditioning and writing my own fitness articles, I attend numerous fitness conferences and seminars every year. I also continually buy training resources (books and DVDs) because I strive on furthering my knowledge on different training methods, which ultimately affects you. The better I know my stuff, the better able I am to help you reach your goals. I study fitness as if my life depends on it. And you know what? Your life and results depends on it too.

As a result, I’m comfortable working with these types of people:

  • General fitness enthusiasts looking to build strength, power and athleticism
  • People I like to call fat loss athletes
  • Endurance athletes including runners, rowers and cyclists
  • Multi-directional sport athletes including soccer, basketball, hockey and squash
  • All age catagories from youth to the elderly

I want to make it clear that I DO NOT only work with elite athletes. I actually work best with general fitness enthusiasts and novices who are highly motivated to change their lives. And I’m more than happy to be apart of your journey.

Hard work + Optimal Nutrition + Fun = Your Best Body Ever

I’m not a fan of quick fixes or the use of supplements to boost fat loss. If you’re after quick fixes, that’s fine, but I’m not the guy for you.

When training with me, you’re going learn how to exercise correctly, safely and effectively in your individually designed fitness program. You can train with me or I can design you a program that you’ll perform on your own. Either way, I will ensure you are 100% confident in your program and 110% effective at reaching your goals.

phyllis swyer“I started training with Jon in June, 2011. He is very focused and disciplined in his approach to fitness. I appreciate his attention to every detail of my program that ensures I consistently work hard and understand the importance of performing every function correctly.

In four months, I have achieved results that far exceed anything I could have imagined. Jon keeps me motivated to rise to new challenges every week and makes me accountable for the best lifestyle and diet choices that add to my overall fitness success. I am having the best fitness experience of my life!Thanks Jon for your dedication, positive attitude, exceptional skills and ability to keep me committed – this journey has just begun!

For a professional workout experience designed to exceed your expectations and keep you committed, Jon delivers.”

Phyllis Swyer
Investment Advisor
St. John’s, NL

You’ll discover strengths you never thought you had. I’m going to help improve your posture and help you walk taller, stronger and more confident. I’m going to help improve your performance in your sport and reduce your risk for injury.

My programming is focused on you, and your goals. No two people are the same, so the tools I implement are specific to you. I utilize everything from bodyweight, free weights, kettlebells, sandbag training, and cardiovascular exercises to give all of my clients the best fitness experience of their lives.

“I want to thank you again for your amazing attention to detail while trying to figure out how my body works and moves. You have, and continue, to teach me so much and exceed my very high expectations. I love working with you because I actually feel like I can do anything with you on my team :)”
Karen, St. John’s, NL, Canada

Let’s face it…it all boils down to doing the most effective training method to help you reach your goals in the most realistic amount of time. I’m not one to waste your time or your money. I’m committed to helping you achieve all your fitness goals, but you’re going to have to want it and put in the work. I’m hear to guide and push you and I’m going to need you to bring it.

This is an investment for your health and the longevity of your future.




Who Do I Train?

I receive a high number of inquires for training and don’t accept just anyone.

Time is our most valuable resource. As such, I only want to spend my time helping people that I know I can help make a difference in their bodies and their lives.

I work best with those who are 100% committed to changing their lives. From experience, those that achieve the best results are those who give me complete dedication. Remember, half-assed efforts will yield half-assed results.

Richard Mosely“During the fall of 2010 I approached Jon about training techniques and exercises that might help me be a better runner. We started with a full body analysis to get an idea of my strengths and weaknesses. His insight was incredibly useful in determining how and what needed to be strengthened. Leading up to this period I had a constant problem that was threatening to become season stopping.

Jon addressed this problem and gave me a series of exercises. Since that point I had virtually no issues with that problem. Even more telling was that during the fall I began training for my first marathon which required more pounding on the road than I was used to. Thanks to the exercises I was injury free and I felt great in my first marathon.”

Richard Mosley
Elite Distance runner
Coquitlam, BC
3000m 8:07
5000m 14:04
10000m 29:32
Half-Marathon 1:05:42
Marathon 2:19:58


Where Do I Train Out Of?

JKConditioning is based out of the gym in the Subaru building on 150 Kenmount Road (St. John’s, Newfoundland). We have a men’s and women’s washroom complete with showers and lockers. There is a water cooler to refill your water bottle and ample parking in the parking lot surrounding the dealership. Access the gym by entering the dealership building and walk up one flight of stairs to the second floor. Enter the 2nd door on your left.

jon-erik kawamoto, personal trainer

st. john's personal training

jon-erik kawamoto, personal trainer

st. john's personal training

jon-erik kawamoto, personal trainer

jon-erik kawamoto, personal trainer

jon-erik kawamoto, personal trainer

jon-erik kawamoto, personal trainer

jon-erik kawamoto, personal trainer

st. john's personal training

st. john's personal training

st. john's personal training

jon-erik kawamoto, personal trainer

Facility address:

150 Kenmount Road (Subaru dealership building, 2nd floor)
St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada
A1B 3P9

Train With Me

jon-erik kawamoto fitness coach
I’m sorry, but my schedule is at full capacity and I am not accepting new clients. If you’re still interested in applying for personal or semiprivate (1-on-2 or 1-on-3) training and coaching, please email me on my Contact Me page and let me know the following:

-if you’re looking for weekly personal or small group (2 or 3 in a group) training
-if you’re looking for a personalized program that you will perform on your own
-your preferred time slot during the day (Mon-Fri; first session books at 7:15am and last session books at 5:30pm)

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

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