“I recommend this to anyone who wants to be a stronger healthier person.”

“A year ago this month, I had the good fortune (and the unrelenting urging of my Son, Terry) to have a one hour session with Jon. While I certainly didn’t know it at the time, that session and that meeting with Jon would change my life.

While it has not been easy – to say the least – there has been remarkable progress. I was a complete neophyte to physical training. Sure, I have been an on-again, off-again “walker” for many years. But, this was far different. Over the span of each one hour session, twice a week for the past year, Jon would get to just about every muscle in my body.

Make no mistake, I am no Arnold and I still huff and puff after every set. Yet, with every week, I feel stronger and little by little I seem to make progress. I have come to trust Jon in so many ways when it comes to my “older” body. Sometimes, I can’t speak because the routine has taken everything I have to give. Sometimes, I find myself laughing at myself because I am feeling things (physically and emotionally) that I have never felt before. I recommend this to anyone who wants to be a stronger healthier person. And if you should be so lucky to get a personal trainer like Jon Erik – bonus!”
~Lloyd Hussey, President, Vigilant Management, Paradise, NL, Canada

“I have seen an incredible change in my posture, strength and even body type!”

“I have been training with Jon at JKC since Feb 2015. I have seen an incredible change in my posture, strength and even body type! I’ve been an active person most of my life but due to some postural issues, I was feeling my progress was becoming limited. I was told by many specialists that my job as a hairstylist aggravated my poor posture and though exercise would help, it would never change it. JKC proved that to be untrue and I have muscles in all the right places to show for it!”
~Ali Bradbury, hairstylist, St. John’s, NL, Canada

“…they get the results desired by their clients by focusing on proper technique and doing things in the most efficient way.”

MICHELE“I’ve been coming to JK Conditioning for about a year and a half. I was relatively naïve to working out or training and somewhat nervous of my attempt of “turning over a new leaf”. I’ve never been overweight but as the years go on its harder to stay at your desired goal. I also wanted to feel better overall and build some muscle.

Now I have to say that training has become a part of my lifestyle. Jon is the perfect blend of extremely nice guy coupled with the ultimate expert in his field. His non intimidating approach has allowed me to see amazing results which have elicited compliments by many J. My experience is that he gets the results desired by his clients by focusing on proper technique and doing things in the most efficient way.

All of this to say that he brings the complete package to the table. Professional, definitely knows his stuff , gently pushes and challenges you for sure , a wealth of knowledge all delivered in a very welcoming setting for all levels of fitness.”
~Michele Stephens, Senior Area Business Manager Atlantic, Biogen Canada, St. John’s, NL, Canada

“My strength and mobility improved over the summer months and my back pain subsided greatly.”

“I started training with Jon for the upcoming 2014/2015 NHL hockey season. Jon faced some unique challenges as I suffered from chronic low back pain. In addition to working on my overall fitness and conditioning, I wanted to improve my flexibility and mobility and minimize or eliminate my low back pain. Jon was able to tailor my workout program which focused specifically on improving the mobility in my hips and strength and stability in my core. My strength and mobility improved over the summer months and my back pain subsided greatly. Thanks for all your help Jon!”
~Michael Ryder, St. John’s, NL, New Jersey Devils, right-wing

“You are simply the best!”

“Jon is the best thing that has happened to me in my fitness life and well being. I have always been intimidated by fitness and everything related to it. Jon has given me the confidence to try things that I didn’t think that I was capable of doing. I already have the most upper body strength I’ve ever had in my life and it’s been just 10 weeks since we started. My flexibility, mobility and balance have also strongly improved.

Thank you Jon for your expertise and everything you do – you are amazing. You are simply the best!”
~Lorelei Woolridge, owner Optique Boutique, St. John’s, NL, Canada
“I am so impressed with Jon’s knowledge and expertise. He is very professional and as a Sport and Exercise Medicine physician, I feel very confident sending patients for exercise programs and rehabilitation. I also see Jon for fitness programming and coaching. He’s helped me recover from ACL surgery and I’ve reached new levels of strength I hadn’t even reached prior to my injury. Thanks Jon for all of your help!”

Jessica Wade, MD, CCFP, Dip. Sport Med
St. John’s, NL, Canada

Jon-Erik Kawamoto, Strength Coach“I contacted Jon-Erik last fall after reading several of his articles in the Canadian Running magazine. I needed a new strength coach that could help me complement my running program in order to reach my ambitious running goals; the 2016 Olympics.

After a chat over the phone, I quickly realized that Jon-Erik was the person I needed. He was like a Scientific Journal, but he was using words that I could understand! Shortly after, I went for a visit in St. John’s to learn the new program and all the new exercises. It was a great way to learn and his way of teaching is amazing. I came back to Guelph, where I train, and every week I have been sending him videos of my work outs in the gym. His feedback is really helpful and it is almost as if I had him in the gym with me. I have improved so much in the last few months. It really motivates me and I already see a big difference when I run. I feel more powerful and in control of my stride.

Thanks Jon for all your help.”
(Photo credit: Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)

Alex Genest, Canadian Olympian (2012), National Champion (2012), 3000m Steeplechase
Guelph, Ontario, Canada


“Jon’s focus on developing custom programs based on an assessment of my fitness level, flexibility and conditioning and goals has been the fundamental strength of his approach. This approach is helping me overcome a long standing knee injury and, far from working around my knee as I have in the past, I am now fully engaged in a routine that is strengthening my knee and helping me move through what was a long fitness level plateau.”

Bruce Cooper, Deputy Minister, Health and Community Services & fitness enthusiast
St. John’s, NL, Canada


“Jon is a wealth of knowledge. His approach to training is awesome because he develops a program tailored to the individual rather than the norm of trying to make the individual adapt to a program. His attention to the little things is remarkable. Some of the things he pointed out with me in just one session still boggles my mind. It’s the same with this site. The information is interesting and his attention to detail is reflected in the content.”

Steve Luff, fitness enthusiast
St. John’s, NL, Canada


“As someone who’s been doing the desk job thing for a while, getting back into a fitness routine was more than daunting. But then I remembered I know Jon Kawamoto. He’s my trainer but also my friend, which let’s face it, means he knows when I’m slacking off.

As a beginner Jon put me at ease, showed me how to do the basics efficiently and effectively and took the time to explain the smallest of things (all while taking note of past injuries he could see before I told him about them!). Jon’s confidence in me translated into confidence in my own abilities. Jon Kawomoto is St. John’s secret weapon. Share the secret: JKConditioning!”

Katie Jackson, fitness enthusiast
St. John’s, NL, Canada


“I’ve been doing some form of weight training for about 14 years now. Things were growing stagnant for me and I felt my routine was unbalanced. Jon freshened up my routine, while giving it the balance it needed. I’m actually excited to go to the gym again, as opposed to just running through the motions. Plus I’ve put on almost 10 pounds since September, most of which probably comes from the crazy leg workouts he has me on. I love it! Can’t wait to take it up a notch!”

Ross Moore, Actor and fitness enthusiast
St. John’s, NL, Canada


“Jon is simply one of the best personal trainers I have ever hired. I have always been athletic, and been in gyms and have worked out for 38 years. I have endured numerous injuries and even learned out of date methods. Jon was able to design an excellent personal program, just for me, taking into consideration my limitations, age, personal schedule, and my goals. He is up to date on the latest methods and creative with its applications.”

Steve Oatway, middle-aged fitness enthusiast
Burnaby, BC, Canada


jon-erik kawamoto personal trainer“My name is Terry and I have been a client of Jon-Erik’s since September of 2013. I considered myself to be in good shape. I had completed P90X and P90X2 twice each. I had trained in martial arts. But for some reason I just did not feel truly strong. So I started weight lifting in September of 2012. I checked online for what the best programs were. Stronglifts, Mad Cow, 5×5, they were all “the best routine ever.” I made reasonable progress but hit a solid wall in all of my lifts that I could not break through.

That is when I started considering seeing a trainer. However, I did not want to sign up to a Big Box Gym trainer due to the massive financial commitment they required ($5000!). I also did not want to go to just any trainer. I wanted a person who was educated, accomplished, passionate, and credible in their approach to fitness. Some searches for Jon-Erik yielded published articles from a wide range of reputable fitness sources.

A few sessions with Jon-Erik immediately identified the source of my plateau in all my lifts. I had major issues in form and some significant weaknesses in various muscle groups of my body. Jon-Erik conducted a thorough assessment of my mobility and technique and set about designing a program to help me make progress. Additionally, he advised me on some supplementary exercises to help address a recurring knee issue I was having. Without attempting to sign me up for a “package” or anything else, Jon-Erik put together a program for me after only a few sessions together.

I performed this program religiously for eight weeks. My results were mind-blowing. My Bench press went from a bad-form 200 to a clean-form 235. My Overhead Press went from 105 to 155. I started able to do 10 Chinups in one set. I finished able to do 30. My Deadlift went from 225 to 305! The best result of all was the complete elimination of all knee pain after only four weeks of the program, allowing me to perform squats without fear of injury.

If you are like me and you are tired of the “bro-science” that permeates the fitness industry then Jon-Erik is the trainer for you. He has a fantastic attitude and is encouraging of his clients in all their efforts. Most importantly, he is supremely qualified and skilled at his craft. With Jon-Erik in my corner, I am hugely optimistic about my fitness goals for the next year.”

Terry Hussey, P.Eng, MBA
St. John’s, NL, Canada


jon-erik kawamoto personal trainer“I have been training with (tortured by) Jon for just over a year now. I asked him to train me because he is a fantastic person, is well educated and experienced and since we worked together I knew he understood the demands of my job (firefighting). I approached him after I had broken my foot and gained a little weight (I was 240lbs) and was looking for a program that was structured, focused and intelligent. He gauged my fitness level, asked about my goals, catered to my injury and then designed a program for me. He also introduced me to proper eating habits which has been a large part of my success. I am now much fitter, stronger, eat better and am more informed. And not that it’s that important, but it’s worth mentioning, I am now 215lbs!

He has been approachable at all times and any advice or instruction I have required has been given with an educated perspective and from someone who “walks the talk”. I am now in my 2nd workout program because of a work-sustained shoulder injury and, just as in the 1st, he is helping with injury recovery, prevention and improving my overall fitness level.

BE warned though, you will curse the name “Jon Kawamoto” and shake your fist (or worse) as he has an uncanny ability to have you self-motivate yourself continually. I often push myself harder knowing how much time and effort Jon has put into my program and how much he wants me to succeed.

I also want my children (when ready) to be trained by him, not so they can be amazing athletes but so they will grow-up physically healthy, understand the proper way to train, be injury free and understand how to eat healthy. If possible, introducing the hockey team that I help coach to Jon, so again, at a young age the boys can learn proper body mechanics, training techniques and anything else Jon can impart on them so they can be the best they can be.

Jon is an amazing fitness coach and an even better person.”

Pat James, Vancouver Firefighter, Dad and weekend warrior
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Jon-Erik Kawamoto personal trainer“Jon,

You exposed me to some excellent exercises and helped me balance out my program. You also helped me dial in my form on the squat and deadlift. I can already see a difference in my biking this season.

Thanks for the good work. I’ll definitely be in touch when I tackle my 2nd Ironman next season.

You are extremely knowledgable and I would highly recommend you.

Thanks again.”

Mitch Pollack, Triathlete (online training client)
Suffern, New York, USA


steph denk 2plate“Jon was my trainer here in Vancouver, before moving across the country to pursue his masters. I knew the chances of me finding another trainer as talented, professional and dedicated as he is were slim. So I decided to “settle” for online training with Jon.

He completely exceeded all of my expectations in every single aspect – its almost as if he never left! For example, I recently developed a significant amount of shoulder tenderness, during and outside of lifting; Jon said, “No problem, we’ll work around it.” My new program is more challenging than ever, and the best part about it is that there’s no shoulder pain. I was seriously concerned that I would have to stop training, but Jon made it happen, with an even more challenging and dynamic workout! He is always available to answer questions, provide supplementary pictures and videos, or explain something in a different way in case I don’t understand a concept. Jon’s style of online training is someone that is professional, scientific, and dedicated to maximizing your results!”

Steph Denk (online training client)
Vancouver, BC, Canada


An email from my online client James:

“Jon, last summer you put me on a training program that helped with my overall endurance and strength.

Today I passed an important Muay Thai test…at 47!! I’ve never been stronger! Here’s a pic from the Siam #1 Muay Thai in Toronto.”

James Patsakos (online training client)
Toronto, ON, Canada


mihira l canadian running“Jon-Erik Kawamoto is an excellent resource for our magazine, which caters to runners of all levels. Jon delivers easy-to-read strength training articles with practical tips. He’s a pleasure to work with and never misses a deadline.”

Mihira Lakshman
Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Running magazine


“It’s no coincidence that Jon is in high demand as a fitness writer. His training knowledge is second to none; he’s in tune with current fitness trends but doesn’t jump blindly on the bandwagon, so you always know his articles will have a solid foundation in science-backed advice. Best of all, Jon’s writing generates genuine excitement for fitness among our readers and challenges them to try effective new techniques.”

Michal Kapral
Editor-in-Chief, Reps magazine

myra“The training program that Jon prescribed has provided me with huge gains in my overall strength. Within a few months I had attained upper body results that gave me the same definition that I had had while climbing on a regular basis, and the workouts have made my lower body, especially hips, stronger than ever before.

Jon’s online coaching for strength training is outstanding; he provides quick email replies, consults face to face on Skype, gives detailed and individual exercise descriptions that include clear visuals, and encourages feedback.
The training program that Jon prescribed has not only provided me with faster running times, but has kept me injury free, looking lean and muscular again, and feeling far more powerful! The daily commitment required to train for long distance running and resulting lack of disposable time had previously made weight training prohibitive. Jon’s individualized and carefully honed program streamlined my previous efforts at strength training through immediately eliminating unnecessary weight routines.
He masterfully pinpointed high yield exercises thereby making the time spent in the gym pay off exponentially.”

Myra MacDonald (online training client)
Teacher and Runner
Kingston, ON, Canada

Carla Cupido-head shot“I have had the pleasure of working with Jon as a client, as a colleague and as a co-author. Jon’s constant quest for knowledge in the strength and conditioning world sets him among the top in his field. I am extremely particular about safe and clean movement during training and Jon is certainly on the ball with respect to my concerns.Jon has worked with a number of my patients and I never question his ability to manage their individual body needs with excellence.

Whether you need a writer for health and fitness related topics, a CSCS to refer to or a trainer to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, I would recommend Jon without pause. He will always remain at the top with his true academic approach and the fact that he is a fantastic person just adds to the whole package that is Jon Kawamoto.”

Dr. Carla Cupido, Hon.B.Kin., D.C.,
A.R.T®, Graston®, CKTP®, FMS™, SFMA™
West Vancouver, BC


nav“Jon-Erik Kawamoto is the man! He is one of the most knowledgeable strength coaches that I have ever met. Jon is able to explain the purposes of certain exercises and was therefore able to educate me in better body mechanics. Likewise, he practices what he preaches. Jon is a very modest yet knowledgeable individual who is always up to date with all the current information in his industry.

I was a provincial level water polo player until the age of 18, when I had to stop due to muscle imbalances that kept me out of the gym until a year ago when I met Jon. Before training with Jon, I was nervous because my muscle imbalances limited my ability to perform many exercises. However, in my first session, Jon took the time to listen to my biomechanical background and to assess all my muscle imbalances. Within the first week of training, I felt noticeably greater flexibility and strength improvements. Within three weeks, I noticed improved posture and better biomechanics. With the help of Jon, my muscular imbalances improved to a point where my entire body felt strong enough to perform exercises that I had previously ruled impossible due to imbalances.As the rehab component of training tailed off, we began the basics of Olympic lifting – something I had never done before and hesitant to try because of previous limitations and fear of re-injury. However, right from the beginning Jon was extremely knowledgeable in guiding my technique and right there to work through that hesitation barrier by explaining the what, why and how of the exercises.

Jon helped me to believe in full body movements to achieve full body strength – honestly ANYONE can do it if they have the right teacher!I am currently 22 years old with full body strength and no muscle imbalances. In fact, I am at the gym almost everyday and in the process of training for the Tough Mudder competition. I attribute a great deal of my success to Jon. He has inspired me to look further into strength coaching. I cannot thank him enough!”

Nav Sohi
Abbotsford, BC


“I’ve been training with Jon since July 2011 intermittently but in December started a regular training schedule with him. Jon is an expert in his field and I have benefitted from his workout sessions and his advice on what foods to eat. The workout sessions I would never have been able to do a year ago – I’ve learned so many new exercises by training with Jon. This has made the training sessions interesting and has produced results! I added 100lbs to my squat, 100lbs to my bench press, almost deadlifted 300lbs and can do 15 chin ups in a row (before only 6). I feel great and much stronger and leaner – thanks again Jon.”

Shane Seal
St. John’s, NL


Dustin Silvey“I have been competing in combat sports for over 20 years and the hardest part for me has been getting to the weight gym. I have always hated the idea of lifting things up and putting them down. To motivate myself, I started educating myself in resistance training, even going as far as getting my CSCS certification and working as a strength and conditioning coach. This did nothing to help my motivation in the resistance department. I enjoyed training other people but as for lifting, I just couldn’t find a good reason.Then in October of 2011 I was in a wrestling tournament and for one of the 1st times found that I was the weaker athlete. I realized perhaps age was catching up with me. I returned home and asked Jon if he would be my strength and conditioning coach. He came up with a training program that we changed up every four weeks.I found within two months my muscle size increased, my endurance and recovery increased 10 fold and most important my explosive strength went through the roof. I have also always been plagued by low ankle and hip mobility and now I am able to do squats to my heels.

In February 2012 I placed 3rd in the Atlantics for university wrestling losing my final match by only one point. I do not believe I could have gotten where I did without Jon’s help. For anyone interested in upping their game in sports I would suggest working with Jon. He truly loves his job and seeing his athletes do well. Without him I would not be the athlete I am: at 31 I am in the best shape of my life.”

Dustin Silvey M.Sc (c), B.Sc CSCS
Collegiate Wrestler
St. John’s, NL


phyllis swyer“I started training with Jon in June, 2011. He is very focused and disciplined in his approach to fitness. I appreciate his attention to every detail of my program that ensures I consistently work hard and understand the importance of performing every function correctly. In four months, I have achieved results that far exceed anything I could have imagined.

Jon keeps me motivated to rise to new challenges every week and makes me accountable for the best lifestyle and diet choices that add to my overall fitness success. I am having the best fitness experience of my life!Thanks Jon for your dedication, positive attitude, exceptional skills and ability to keep me committed – this journey has just begun!For a professional workout experience designed to exceed your expectations and keep you committed, Jon delivers.”

Phyllis Swyer,
St. John’s, NL


krista patten after“I’ve always been athletic, so after having my little boy in October 2010 my biggest fear was not getting my body back into the shape it was prior to pregnancy.I started training with Jon mid June 2011 and after 3 months I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in; far surpassing the pre-pregnancy shape I was in! I’ve never felt so good and can’t wait to see the results another 3 months of training with Jon brings.For anyone who isn’t sure about the idea of personal training, you NEED to meet Jon. His skill, knowledge, and passion for what he does sets him apart from others in the industry. Jon is not just a trainer, he is a fitness professional. I now look forward to going to the gym, Jon’s enthusiasm for what he does is contagious!”

Krista Patten
St. John’s, NL


simon koeb“Just wanted to say thank you for the sessions we had. My progress especially in squats and deadlifts have been amazing ever since! I managed to get a better range of motion with the help of your mobility drills and some massage therapy and my overall posture got a LOT better…

I did a lot of soft tissue work and static stretching to get better ROM and more hip flexibility.This also had huge returns in terms of strength gains. My deadlift PR went up from about 315 (when I first consulted you) to 405. My squatting depth is a lot better now and I can pretty much full squat (parallel) the same amount of weight which I used to squat with my very limited ROM.Thank you Jon. You are the man…. You’ll be missed on the Bestcoast :)”

Simon Koeb
Vancouver, BC


Mike King“Last Fall (2010), I was searching for ways to take my running to a new level so I approached Jon to help me with my supplemental training. Jon’s core strength exercises not only made me more efficient but more resilient to injury. Without a single injury, I ran 250mi more in the last 6 months than any other 6 month period.This Spring (2011) I ran a 30 second PR (10km) in the first race of the year. Further, I know that behind Jon’s enthusiastic and encouraging personality, he is a thoughtful scientist who remains critical and up to date on the current literature. I have no doubt that he will continue to provide me with sound guidance and has the upmost interest in improving my running ability.”

Michael King
Distance Runner
St. John’s, NL


“After years of exercising on and off and trying every sort of exercise running marathons / pilates / kick boxing / pole dancing / bootcamp etc not to mention buying every type of workout gadget, I finally found something that worked…YOU! I’m really glad that I got to workout with you. I will never forget the walkout plank! You’re an awesome trainer. It’s going to be impossible to find another. Good for you for following your passion. All the best and enjoy the adventure. Thanks for a great year of workouts.”

Koren Yee
Burnaby, BC


Gurpreet Sohi“During the summer of 2010, I was selected to travel around Europe to play on the Youth Canadian National Water Polo Team. As an elite water polo player, injury prevention is a key aspect of maintaining proper athletic physique. After only a few sessions with Jon at JK Conditioning I was experiencing noticeable differences in my posture and body mechanics. In the water, I felt increased strength and stability: I could throw harder, kick faster and endure longer practices with decreased muscle fatiguing.

Jon bases his workouts specific to building on my weaknesses while continuing to strengthen my overall body. I am incredibly happy working with someone who is able to challenge me further than my current national level water polo physique. I have worked with a lot of trainers throughout my water polo career and I would highly recommend Jon as a trainer.”

Gurpreet Sohi
Canadian National Water Polo Team member
Team BC Water Polo Team member
Fraser Valley Water Polo Team member


Richard Mosely“During the fall of 2010 I approached Jon about training techniques and exercises that might help me be a better runner. We started with a full body analysis to get an idea of my strengths and weaknesses. His insight was incredibly useful in determining how and what needed to be strengthened. Leading up to this period I had a constant problem that was threatening to become season stopping.

Jon addressed this problem and gave me a series of exercises. Since that point I had virtually no issues with that problem. Even more telling was that during the fall I began training for my first marathon which required more pounding on the road than I was used to. Thanks to the exercises I was injury free and I felt great in my first marathon.”

Richard Mosley
Elite Distance runner
3000m 8:07
5000m 14:04
10000m 29:32
Half-Marathon 1:05:42
Marathon 2:19:58


Lisa Nakajima“When I first met Jon, I was training at a high competitive level of judo, but I decided that I needed to step up my strength program if I wanted to perform better at the national level. He assessed where I was and what would benefit me most, keeping in mind my busy schedule and the actions specific to the sport of judo. It was great to learn new techniques and training methods with Jon. I found him easy to learn from and his workouts are effective and efficient. I definitely saw results of my strength improvements in my competitions this past year. Thank you Jon!”

Lisa Nakajima
2nd Degree Black Belt – Steveston Judo Club
2010 Senior National Championships – Bronze medalist
2009 & 2010 Judo BC Athlete of the Year


dylan gant“As a competitive distance runner, I was looking for a strength program that would maximize leg strength and power, while minimizing muscle and weight gain. I found that Jon’s program achieved this goal remarkably well. Below are just three of the many aspects of Jon’s program that will keep me coming back to JKConditioning whenever I need help in the weight room.

– Individuality: Jon’s program was tailored to meet my specific needs and goals. After performing a thorough assessment, he developed a strength program that addressed my own personal muscle imbalances and weaknesses. If you are looking for an individualized program, Jon will deliver.

– Challenging: Jon’s program is tough. For example, I thought I had core training pretty much down. I was wrong. After correcting my form and introducing me to a whole new world of “anti-rotational exercises”, I realized just how hard proper core training is.

– Progressive: While Jon will definitely push you in order to help you find, and then surpass, your limits, it is done in a gradual, progressive manner. Form will be mastered before weight is introduced to an exercise, ensuring that the maximum benefit is derived from each exercise, while greatly reducing the risk of injury due to poor form.”

Dylan Gant
Competitive Distance Runner
Burnaby, BC


BC Coaches Perspective-Fall 2010 Cover“I asked Jon to be a contributing writer for the last edition of BC Coaches Perspective Magazine, a quarterly publication by the Coaches Association of BC because he has an intricate knowledge of strength and conditioning and a competitive background in the sport of Athletics.

Jon also has an incredible ability to convey even fairly technical exercises or movements in a way that the vast majority of readers, regardless of their athletic background, will understand… while still making the article read very well. As an editor it is both impressive and refreshing. Thanks again Jon for your article Run Strong, the strength and conditioning feature article in the Fall 2010 Issue of BC Coaches Perspective.”

Will Stewart
Coach Education Manager – Coaches Association of BC
Editor – BC Coaches Perspective Magazine


Trevor Feeney 1“When I contacted Jon, I had a number of goals and requirements that I was looking for in a program; as I am a distance runner, a lot of my energy is focused on running based workouts; I needed something that wouldn’t leave me too tired and have a negative impact on my workouts. As I also work full-time, I needed something to fit into my tight schedule. I wanted something that was sustainable and would keep me excited over time, and that would help me run stronger and stay injury free.

Jon definitely has not disappointed! I have a program that has fit my needs perfectly. He took the time to not only assess my weaknesses, but to ensure I was comfortable with all of the exercises, and provided a program that feels efficient, yet has helped achieve my goals of feeling stronger and staying injury free. His program was not a cookie cutter plan that supposedly works for everyone, but one designed for my specific needs and parameters. He regularly works with my feedback to continue to tweak the program as I progress, and has been great at answering any questions I have.I would highly recommend Jon to anyone looking for a program tailored to to their own sport and goals.”

Trevor Feeney
Distance runner
Vancouver, BC


reid herman“I met Jon at the Justice Institute where we were classmates at the fire academy. After meeting Jon I soon realized that he was very passionate about fitness and very knowledgeable. After getting a job in the fire service I felt my physical fitness was going downhill. I was stuck in a rut with the same old gym routine. I asked Jon to put together a program that was fun and challenging…he put together a program that was totally different from what I was doing and since doing the program, I have noticed a huge improvement in my overall fitness and now look forward to going to the gym. Thanks Jon”

Reid Herman
Kamloops Fire and Rescue
Chase, BC


debra hay 2“I had a bad injury to my hip flexor muscle and was a wreck. I was doing Physiotherapy at Burnaby Square at which time the physiotherapist suggested I see Jon to help strengthen my body so this did not happen again.My passion is running dogs in agility events. My dogs are fabulous and I found that I was having problems keeping up to their pace and being able to “get” where I had to be to assist them in the more complex courses to ensure those perfect runs. Upon review of my condition it was made clear that I was unevenly balanced and while I had strength in my lower body my upper body was weak in comparison, this would have to be fixed if I was to compete with my dogs at the “Masters Level”.I have to admit it was a long slow road and difficult most of the way. I remember starting to do push- ups against bed and I thought that was hard, then progressed down to a stair level and now I can do them elevated on kettlebells! I remained injury free and was able to go the Wyoming last summer to train with the US agility team.

I have just successfully qualified at the BC AAC Regional’s for the 2010 AAC Nationals in Spruce Meadows Alberta with all three of my dogs. Several of the competitors thought I was crazy to enter all of my dogs together in one year at Regional’s but I did it and my 2 experienced dogs were in the top 10 and my youngest was 15th in BC.

I am still working with Jon weekly and really enjoy how he incorporates kettlebells into my training. I can double clean and double snatch the 12kgs bells and I am currently working with the 16kg bell.

I can’t wait to go to Wyoming this year to train with the US team again and compete in the Nationals at Spruce Meadows.

Thanks Jon for making my passion a reality.”

Debra H.
New Westminster, BC


Mai Aung“Three months before my mixed martial arts fight, I decided that I needed more muscular endurance and core strength without losing my flexibility and speed and not to mention I weighed about 170 and was fighting at 145. Myself and a few of my teammates did our research looking for well rounded trainer/strength coach, that understood our goals. A friend recommended Jon-Erik Kawamoto.

Jon gave me a six week workout program leading up to the fight. On the third and fourth week of the program I noticed a big improvement. I was submitting guys in the gym without having to take a break in between. It gave me a big boost in confidence the day of my fight, knowing that the likely hood of me gassing myself out going for submission or strikes is slim to none. As a result of the program and hard work, I submitted my opponent via arm-bar in the first round.”

Mai Aung
Vancouver, BC


Mark Balmes“I asked Jon to develop a program for me that would help me in my mixed martial arts training. We agreed on developing a 6 week program focusing on muscular endurance. I needed the program to help me and another fighter prepare for upcoming fights and tournaments. After the six weeks I noticed quite a difference in my training. My body takes longer to fatigue and I recover much quicker than before. I still follow the protocol to this day. Thanks Jon!”

Mark Balmes
Surrey, BC


“Before meeting with Jon, I felt wary of trainers because I felt like I knew about as much about fitness as they did. Then a physiotherapist friend recommended Jon. She told me that he was one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated people that she had ever met. Jon’s knowledge and dedication became apparent to me within minutes of meeting him, but I was even more impressed by how quickly I began to notice an improvement in my strength and mobility. I work in a corporate job that requires long hours and was noticing the physical strain. Since starting the program Jon designed for me, I feel great.

The program is challenging but a lot of fun and I feel completely safe doing everything because I know Jon has taken the time to make sure I am performing all of the exercises correctly. The only downside is that I enjoy the workout and its effects so much that when I have to miss a workout, I really miss it.Jon’s level of knowledge is such that I am confident that he can tailor a workout to meet anyone’s goals. He is the kind of person who approaches what he does with a view to doing it as well as he possibly can and his clients are beneficiaries of that approach. I find myself recommending Jon to anyone who asks – and I get asked a lot by friends and family and even strangers at the gym who I can only assume are interested in the program Jon has designed.”Update: January 2011

“I’m 27 weeks – three months to go. I’ve kept up with your program and I can tell that it’s made a big difference (both this program and our earlier work). I feel like I’m still a lot more mobile than lots of women at this stage and sometimes I forget that I’m pregnant at all. I get some back pain now and then, but it’s really minimal – no more than when before I started with you and I’m obviously carrying quite a bit more weight up front now.”

Alexandra L.
Vancouver, BC


phil green running“I have been working with Jon for the last 6 weeks. Being a 48 yr old skinny distance runner I wanted a new challenge that would complement my running and put a little muscle on me. I had been in the gym for 6 months prior using mostly machines and doing little or no free weights and, had little success.

In the last 6 weeks I have increased all of my free weights considerably, am able to complete barbell complexes and can do sets of chin-ups. (I could barely do 2 at the start) The coolest thing is I’m in and out of the gym in 60 mins or less. The workouts are varied, interesting and really work my cardio. No sitting around!Jon’s attention to form is extremely detailed so you feel like you’re are doing all the exercises correctly and even my tricky back is fine now! I am really looking forward to the next phase and the challenges it will bring.”

Phil Green
Competitive Runner
New Westminster, BC


gareth lockhart“I met Jon while as a peer of his at the Justice Institute. After competing with and against him through numerous physical and mental challenges in our program, I came to realize that his strength and conditioning was at another level. I went to Jon as a “physically fit” person who could not break a personal plateau. He took an inventory of my past workout regiments & fire department fitness test scores.

We began a program focusing on working from the ground up, core, legs, full body exercises and high intensity interval training. He has tailored a program that builds my body in preparation for a challenging lifelong career. Essentially, I was training in context to my career path, something I had not previously done. My overall strength and conditioning continues to improve. My recovery time after intense physical activity has diminished considerably and I am fully confident in my body’s ability to pass any future fitness tests. At the end of each workout, Jon has me looking forward to the next challenge.”

Gareth Lockhart
Langley Fire and Rescue
Port Moody, BC


“When I first met Jon in January 2009, I had no idea of just what I was in for! I have always been a fairly active person but felt that this was my year to shake up my perception of fitness. I have an extensive history of upper body surgery and have always been advised to limit the amount of weight I lift and be very careful with regards to the type of movements I make. I needed an educated, knowledgeable, professional trainer who would start training me with a specific program suited only to me.Enter, Jon!It was at that very first session that Jon stated that one of the biggest benefits I would experience would be an increase in my physical strength and mobility. Although I believed him at the time, I didn’t really understand the extent to which his words would become part of my reality. Each time I worked out with Jon he would vary the type of exercise to specifically meet where I was at and challenge me to push that little bit further…

Without really realizing it, I was getting stronger with each workout. I am now at the point where not only have I seen for myself that Jon was right, he would get me stronger, but for the first time probably ever, I believe that I can do it! Despite the odds being stacked against me for so long, with the right program, with the right trainer, in just over four months, I have done what I was told I would never do again! There is no doubt that Jon was the right choice for me. His wide-ranging qualifications stand him in good stead, his continual search for new information keeps him at the top of his game… BUT it his passion for fitness that makes me want to keep going and just keep getting better. I am feeling fitter and stronger than I ever have and although Jon probably doesn’t realize it, I have shifted the goal posts since our first meeting! I have big plans for my fitness future and I know we are going to get me there!

Oh, and before I forget to mention it…Jon’s just a really nice guy!”

Bridgett M.
Port Moody, BC


Brian Justin 2“If you want to see results, have fun, train hard and smart, then I recommend Jon-Erik Kawamoto. As a University Kinesiology Instructor and Exercise Physiologist, I see many new and veteran trainers in my classes and seminars. Jon stands out in a league of his own. His professionalism, university education, high level certifications (CSEP-CEP and NSCA-CSCS) attention to detail, skilled instruction, and passion to learn more make him a highly sought after trainer in the Greater Vancouver Area.

I have been in the fitness field for over 15 years as a trainer and teacher and there are only a handful of fitness professionals I would refer people to. Jon is top on this list. He is simply outstanding. Check out JK Conditioning and take your fitness and performance to the next level.”

Brian Justin, MHK, CEP, CSCS, CPT, CES
Kinesiology University Instructor
Continuing education Provider for Trainers and Kinesiologists


barb mclean“I am a 57 year old nurse who has always hated exercise and been intimidated by workout classes and gyms, therefore avoiding both. Having specialized in geriatric nursing for many years I understand the impact of lifestyle as we age, especially the need for regular exercise which includes strength training.I have worked with Jon twice weekly for the past 18months and love it!! No one is more surprised by that than I am. I am also surprised to find how quickly I became comfortable in the setting with Jon’s direction and supervision.

Having no skills to call upon, I was totally reliant on Jon-Eric’s expertise and guidance as he taught me the fundamentals. From there we continue to build weekly, making me stronger and more able to tackle the next challenge he gives me. Every workout is building on the previous ones as Jon tracks everything we do meticulously and sets new goals for us to attain. His attention never waivers as he safely spots me on everything we do. I trust him implicitly.

After all the work Jon and I have done I still don’t love exercise! But I do love the time I spend with Jon and how much stronger and more well I feel. I also love how great I feel at the end of each workout. I know that with his help I am actively working at aging in the best way possible.”

Barb McLean
North Vancouver, BC


kyle whiteman“My goal was to get myself prepared for fire fighting physicals and to improve my overall strength. Jon introduced me to a 5-day cycle, 5-phase workout routine that he made specifically for me. He took his time to explain the proper technique to me so I could get the best results from each exercise that I was doing. I can honestly say Jon has brought me to a higher level than I thought was obtainable.

My muscle endurance has skyrocketed since doing this program, and the weight that I used to do each exercise has gone up a considerable amount. I would recommend Jon to anybody who is looking for a personal trainer and especially to any individual looking to get into the fire service. He is an expert at what he does and the results will prove it!”

Kyle W.
Vancouver, BC
JIBC Firefighter Pre-employment Program graduate


rick kaselj“I attended Jon’s presentation on Gluteal Amnesia. I was blown away by the presentation. I learned new ways of assessing the gluteals and creative ways of activating the gluteals. The assessment tips and exercises have helped me with my running and get better results with my clients. I have seen Jon present twice and both times I have left with new information, assessments and exercises.”

Rick Kaselj


paul hemsworth“As a strength and conditioning specialist, I am always looking for individuals to collaborate with to better our industry. Because of how easy it is to become a personal trainer, the fitness industry is tainted with injustice and manipulation. Jon-Erik is one of the few people who make the industry better. He is one of the hardest working people I have ever met, and his passion in regards to his work is reflected in the success of his clients.

Jon is always researching new ways to help clients and continues to take the necessary steps to further educate him and others in regards to both strength & conditioning and exercise physiology.Over the last 5 years Jon has become a best friend of mine as well as inspired me to try and better the fields of strength & conditioning and exercise physiology. I have collaborated with Jon on many projects because of his attention and application to pure science and not as a trend-follower. I recommend Jon-Erik to anyone who is serious about getting results in strength, fitness, sport performance, and overall health.”

Paul Hemsworth, CSCS, CEP
Strength Coach
Thrive Strength and Wellness, Ontario, Canada


“Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a repetitive strain injury in my shoulder and arm. For a while, I had to stop exercising altogether; I was in so much pain. I knew that if I could strengthen all of my muscle groups, and improve my posture, I would eventually be able to compensate for the injury, but I was afraid to damage it more, so I hesitated to begin any training. Then I heard about Jon through a local newspaper story. Jon assessed me, and designed a fitness routine that was safe and would not aggravate my injury. It works with my busy schedule, too, as a mother and a full time teacher. Now I have resumed many of the athletic activities I enjoyed when I was much younger.”

Laurel W.
Burnaby, BC


ben barnard“One day I was looking on the internet for a trainer particularly for strength and conditioning and I came across Jon’s details through his website. I felt that I needed a trainer to help take my existing training to the next level, as I was involved in several Fire Departments Recruitment processes at the time. Now for people who do not know, the physical fitness exams for fire departments are potentially the most difficult twenty to thirty minutes you can willingly put yourself through.

I had been working out in a gym for several years and thought that I was where I needed to be strength-wise, and would just need a few ‘touch ups’ to push me over the edge.After sitting down with Jon, discussing what I was looking to get from our sessions, I felt like we were on the same page and focused on the task at hand. When the training started I quickly realized that Jon had designed a very challenging workout consisting of bear crawls, upright rows, sled-drags, stair climbs, farmer’s carries amongst other exercises; moreover, all of these task were completed with a 40lb weight vest on to simulate wearing the personal protective gear in firefighting. All of the exercises pushed me to my upper limits aerobically and anaerobically, and being a pretty competitive person I wasn’t going to back down, so Jon made the exercises progressively more challenging.This went on for over 8 weeks, and at the end of the training I was performing all of the above-mentioned exercises with a 470+ pound sled, and doing stair-climbs with 70 pound weights in each hand. Afterwards I felt very strong, confident, and comfortable that I was going to be very successful with my physical fitness exam.

I am now one of Burnaby’s newest firefighters; I started with the department in July of 2008. I firmly believe that if I had only continued with my normal gym routine and hadn’t trained with Jon; I wouldn’t have made the cut with the department.

I have nothing but the highest regards for the help that Jon provided me, and I hold Jon in the highest regard, he helped me achieve my dream, I am sure he can help others achieve theirs’.

Thanks for everything Jon, I am incredibly grateful, I really appreciated everything you did for me!!”

Ben Barnard
Burnaby Fire and Rescue
Port Moody, BC


michelle burnham“Training with Jon this summer was one of the best things I have done in a long time. Just sitting here writing this email I feel energized, strong, and ready to conquer anything – all thanks to Jon’s program! I noticed huge improvements in strength and after about 10 weeks I felt consistently way more mobile.

The reason I loved the training with Jon was that each workout pushed me to be better. It was never enough that last week I could lift a certain weight; it was always about the moment and giving the best that I could at this particular moment. After each workout, I would come home with the hugest smile spread across my face. Others would ask what was so great, like they wanted to be part of some big secret I was keeping. I just told them that I had had another great workout and that if they wanted to feel this great, they should start working with Jon. I’ve been rowing competitively for the past four years, from the club level to the international level, and Jon’s program is the best one I have encountered thus far. Thanks Jon!”

Michelle Burnham
Burnaby, BC


shirley march“Before I came to Jon, my idea of working out was confined to cardio or structured classes. I needed someone’s knowledge and expertise to teach me what to do on my own, and more specifically, what was right for my body. Since working with Jon, I have developed my muscle strength exponentially, become very comfortable in the weight room environment, attempted things I never thought I would be able to do, and become much more toned and fit! I completed “My First Triathlon” in July, and I’m not looking back! Jon’s programming is easy to follow, and yet continues to push me to improve. Thanks, Jon!”

Shirley March
Burnaby, BC


“The program design and demo package was the best gift I have ever received! I haven’t missed a session in months because the workouts are challenging and full of fun multi-tasking exercises so I get tonnes done super fast. Most importantly they are working. I am, at last, recovering from a running injury that no amount of physio, chiro, ART and acupuncture could mend. I am so much stronger and my running is smoother and pain free again. And I am so proud of myself, I can do push-ups at long last!”

Jenny T.
Port Moody, BC


“When I first met Jon-Erik 5 months ago, I couldn’t run 400 meters because of my back. I was overweight and lacked confidence. Today, I ran 9 miles very easily without any pain. I have dropped about 15 pounds and feel great. I have done two ten-kilometer races and two triathlons since I started working out with Jon-Erik. I always wanted to push my body to the limit, but was unable to due to poor posture, flexibility, and poor core strength. Now, I am looking forward to longer distance triathlons and a half marathon, because he helped me in the areas that needed attention. I would highly recommend Jon-Erik. He is a pleasure to work out with and his attitude is excellent. Thanks Jon!”

Phil Roberts
Burnaby, BC


“I started working with Jon in June 2006 in an attempt to improve, or at the very least prevent, further deterioration of my bone mass. Bone density tests at that time showed osteoporosis in my femur and osteopenia in my hip and spine.As a woman in her early sixties I was somewhat apprehensive about the concept of having a personal trainer, but had to find a non drug approach to maintaining and hopefully improving my health as I was unable to tolerate the prescribed medication for osteoporosis.Finding Jon was a Godsend. He is professional, knowledgeable and truly “meets you where you are at”. He creates a very relaxed atmosphere and adapts the exercises to your personal circumstance. Following the programs Jon developed for me has resulted in a strengthening of my core, my muscles, joints and ligaments and that has made it easier to carry out and enjoy routine and recreational activities.

Two years after beginning to work with Jon I had a bone density test. I was delighted to find that the osteoporosis in my femur had improved while my spinal area and hip had not deteriorated”

Sandra O.
White rock, BC
Age 64


allan urquhart“If you are a distance runner with some goals in mind, and you have been frustrated by running injuries, Jon has the program for you.In the past, every time I put in a lot of training preparing for a marathon, as the mileage increases, an injury would occur. Or worse still, it would occur during the race.Jon has the key to prevent this from happening, a terrific core strengthening program. Jon’s program is both challenging and interesting. It is also very satisfying once you feel the results.

Thanks to Jon’s program I’ve been able to keep my running form strong during the late stages of a race. This has enabled me to qualify for the New York City marathon and the Boston marathon.

If you want to achieve some running goals and bring out the best in your own performance this is definitely the program to follow. Jon will design a program to fit your age and your goals. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

Allan Urquhart
Burnaby, BC
Middle Age Distance Runner


“I have spent 10 of the last 12 years as a long distance runner; I ran on the SFU track and cross-country teams with Jon. But now that I am moving on to a career with the Vancouver Police Department, my fitness has taken a 180-degree turn. I have come to realize that as a police officer, a little more muscle can go a long way. So, I turned to a friend who has extensive knowledge of how to gain muscle mass. Since last summer I have been following a general weight-training program that Jon set out for me.

Since then, I have put on roughly 15 pounds of muscle. This weight gain has enabled me to fight more efficiently and more effectively during my training at the police academy. It has also given me a massive confidence boost, which leads to a greater presence.Jon’s training is fun, diverse and quite hard! He varies the exercises you do, so you don’t get bored, and chooses exercises that are fun but get the greatest results at the same time. I love training with Jon, and I love the results that I have seen in the short amount of time we have been training together.”

Ryan Weber
Vancouver Police Department
Constable 2648
New Westminster, BC


el fink 2“If asked in one word what the best thing that ever happened to me was, I would have to say ‘Jon’.One year ago, I was in pain, overweight and inactive. Today, I have manageable pain, have lost weight and am active. I look forward to seeing Jon for an hour once a week. Jon has been patient and is knowledgeable in guiding me to get fit. He has taught me how to exercise and has kept it interesting such that I can say it is fun. I will continue to see Jon weekly this year and I am training to walk the Vancouver Marathon in May 2008. I can’t thank Jon enough for what he has done for me. Would I recommend him – you betcha!”

Ellie F.
Registered Nurse
New Westminster, BC


Johnstone reacts after winning the Women 800 meter event at the Track and Field Canadian Trials in Windsor“I worked with Jon to discuss chronic misalignment problems in my hips. Jon assessed my condition with observation and strength tests and then gave me some recommendations. Jon suggested exercises designed to isolate the specific muscles surrounding my hips and exercises that worked on the overall activation pattern of my muscles. I felt comfortable and confident in Jon’s knowledge and trust his judgment. Since working with Jon I have become more aware of my hip muscles and their neurological activation. I feel confident that the exercises will help to improve my muscular imbalances.”

Rebecca Johnstone
Former SFU Varsity Track & Field and Cross Country Runner
Ranked 4th in Canada for the 800m in 2007
Bowen Island, BC


“Before I saw Jon, I was slightly overweight, dealing with high cholesterol, diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure. It has been approx. 4 weeks that I have been working with Jon and I already notice that I lost few inches around my waist.(Down to last hole on my belt) Few days ago I visited my doctor and she checked my blood pressure. I was surprised to hear that my blood pressure was lowered to normal levels and my diabetes is under control. Training with Jon has made a difference in that short period of time. Just imagine what could happen after few months. Hmm….I wonder…Thank you Jon!”

John R.
New Westminster, BC


micheline wong“I have worked with Jon for over almost two years and I am amazed by the variety, number, ingenuity of exercises he performs with his clients. Jon is a very gifted person. He is highly motivated, enthusiastic and passionate about what he does. And gets great results. It’s pretty incredible to watch him do his thing! As a physiotherapist, I highly recommend him for personal training, rehabilitation and return to activity retraining.”

Micheline Wong, PT, MHSc
Registered Physiotherapist
Vancouver, BC


“Jon’s knowledge is extensive, as well he has the practical experience of being a elite athlete. I have found him to be very helpful in getting runners back to running and helping them to stay injury free. ”

Leah Pells
3 time Olympian Track & Field
6 time Track & Field World Championships National Team Member
Coquitlam, BC


Tom Kineshanko“I had the pleasure of being Jon’s classmate and running competitively with him on the SFU track and field team for three years. He is one of the hardest working athletes and students that I’ve come across – and his academic credentials and success on the track speak to that.

Running competitively for the SFU track and field team includes working with strength and conditioning coaches and physiotherapists. Now my fourth year on the team, I wasn’t sure that working with a personal trainer would teach me anything I didn’t already know. I was wrong.Jon assessed me thoroughly and found weaknesses and imbalances that, once they were shown to me, made complete sense for the problems I had been having with my running. He took great care designing an awesome strength-training program tailored my weaknesses and training goals. I have no doubt that if I follow the program Jon crafted for me this will be my fastest and healthiest year of running yet.
Besides knowing that Jon has extensive high level athletic, academic and clinical experience to draw on, working with him was fun and easy. Jon is an awesome guy, impressive athlete and very effective and professional trainer. At SFU I have the opportunity to work with strength training professionals free of charge – I instead choose to work with Jon.”

Tom Kineshanko
Competitive 600m and 800m runner
Senior member of the SFU Track & Field Team
Vancouver, BC


“Jon is one of the best physical conditioning resources (for any conditioning need) I have ever used – and I’ve used a lot of different resources in my time. He is knowledgeable, creative, enthusiastic and a positive motivator. Over the last 8 weeks he has continually challenged me with new and innovative exercises that he has tailored to meet my conditioning needs. I would never hesitate to recommend Jon to any of my friends, family or colleagues.”

Leeanne Howard
Justice Institute of BC
Burnaby, BC


“We found Jon to be an excellent trainer with tremendous knowledge, motivational skills, and teaching ability. He communicates his knowledge of body mechanics, muscle strengthening, and proper posture in an easy to understand manner. He motivated us during our rehab by doing the exercises along with us and giving us plenty of encouragement.He went out of his way to teach us extra exercises that we could incorporate into a home program, and gave us useful diagrams and clear instructions so that we could speed up our recovery when we were away from the gym. We were so impressed with his professionalism, and felt so at ease with his calm demeanor and good sense of humor, that we booked him for personal training sessions after our active rehab was complete.As a personal trainer, he also provided easy to follow guidelines on healthy lifestyle nutritional choices and incorporating an on-going active lifestyle into our daily routines. Thanks for all your help, Jon!”

Harmon and Joy P.
Burnaby, BC


“I would like to express my appreciation for the amazing work Jon did with me during the 4 sessions I saw him in February and March of this year. I think he went beyond the call of duty in preparing my custom designed training program. I am very impressed by his knowledge, personality and enthusiasm. He is definitely an asset to your organization. I will not hesitate to refer him and the Burnaby Square Orthopaedic & Sports Centre Inc. to anyone.”

Christian G.
New Westminster, BC


“Now in my early thirties, pressed for time, and having just begun a physically demanding new career as a police officer, my work-out regime needed an over-haul: I was tired of spending hours on the bench-press, with limited results.I asked Jon to help me devise a training program that was better suited to my lifestyle. After only a few sessions with Jon, I now have a sophisticated and efficient program, which includes new running workouts, power-lifting and plyometric exercises, and helpful tips for recovering from chronic injuries. A new emphasis on core strength has made me more fit than I was in my mid-twenties.A new emphasis on core strength has made me more fit than I was in my mid-twenties.

Jon is an enthusiastic and patient teacher, who never fails to follow-up with a personalized, illustrated guide to the day’s exercises. With the addition of Jon’s advice on proper warming-up, stretching, and diet, I am now getting the most out of every workout. Do yourself a favor – go to the expert!”

Darren Bayne
Police Officer
Vancouver Police Department
New Westminster, BC


“As a coach of a top soccer team from a very progressive club and in a continual attempt to help the team and it’s players reach their absolute potential, we decided to hire a running coach to help with running power, speed and technique. Looking for innovative and cutting edge opportunities to stay ahead of the competition as well as setting new trends in the soccer community, hiring a strength and conditioning coach seemed like the logical step.One of our parents had recommended Jon as her son had recently been to a training session with him. Being that the player was one of the fastest 12 year olds in the province, we decided to call Jon and set up a team session.

Being a skeptic, I was hoping that the boys would at least learn something, see the value in proper running, and like it enough to continue doing it. As a result we have a group of boys who absolutely love it and see the value in Jon’s training completely.Because of Jon’s personal demeanor, ability to speak to the boys on their level and skill to determine the proper stages and progressions, the boys have not only improved their power, speed and technique but have discovered a joy for running. Asking them to spend the last ½ hour of a hard 2 hr practice to work on their speed and fitness is not a problem. Most relish it and look forward to it as they see improvements with every session Jon has designed for the coaching staff. Being a team that plays against older, select teams, speed is not an issue anymore!”

Danny Jones
Head Coach
Metro-Ford Ajax Soccer Club, Coquitlam
Metro-Ford Barca Soccer Club, Coquitlam
Coquitlam, BC


“I would like to thank Jon for helping me with rehabilitation on my shoulder injury. In 2006 I had 9 sessions. Because my range of motion was very limited, I thought at first that I would never recover. But Jon gave me much support and encouragement. His knowledge and teaching ability was excellent. Through the exercises he taught me I am now almost completely healed.”

Renee Branston
Burnaby, BC


“Since joining the team and working with you, Julian has been recognized at the soccer academy as the most improved player in his age group and is considered by most opposing teams to be a major threat as he is able to outrun with ease and score on a breakaway. At least one large, fast defender is always assigned to shadow him and sometimes he even draws two or three… Julian’s natural talent for speed enhanced by your technical training makes him a force to be reckoned with on the pitch.”

Alison Longley speaking about her son Julian
Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
New Westminster, BC


“Thank you Jon-Erik for helping me to become active and strong again. After falling off a balcony onto concrete, I became less and less active over time, and parts of my body started to hurt more. […] Jon-Erik coaxed me out of my lethargy to intelligently redevelop my body thereby healing the minor pains, and giving me more energy and stamina. My sincerest thanks to […] you. Keep up the good work!

…Jon-Erik gave me my life back. By this I meant the energy and ability and flexibility to do the things that I used to do, instead of being exhausted after two hours, or not wanting to do things because I had too much pain.”

Rudy S. Belgardt
Age 55
Surrey, BC