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JKConditioning Bear Tee

Men’s Next Level Tri-Blend Vintage Style Bear Tee
Colour: Vintage Red
Price: $25.00 (+ $5.00 shipping)
XL tees are all sold out!!

Men’s Vintage Red Bear Tee

JKConditioning Bear Tee

Women’s Bella Rib Racerback Longer Length Bear Tank
Colour: True Royal
Price: $20.00 (+$5.00 shipping)

*These tanks fit slim – Julia is 5’5″ and very lean and wears a medium.
Large tanks are all sold out!!

Women’s Royal Bear Tank

jon-erik kawamoto personal trainer

Jon-Erik Kawamoto Fitness Writer

Unisex American Apparel Tri-Blend Vintage Style Dragon Tee
Short Sleeve Track Shirt
Colour: Tri-Black (looks more like charcoal)
Price: $25.00 (+ $5.00 shipping)

Men’s Charcoal/Grey Dragon Tee



Men’s Hylete Black and Military Green Dragon Tee
Price: $30 $20 (including shipping)

Men’s Black/Military Green Dragon Tee

*Shirts fit more slim than boxy – if you want a looser fitting shirt, go with a size up. I’m 5′ 9″ and wear a large. If you put the tee in the dryer, the shirt may shrink as well. Maybe consider air-drying.



Men’s Hylete Slate and Shocking Red Dragon Tee
Price: $30 $20 (including shipping)

Men’s Slate/Shocking Red Dragon Tee

*Shirts fit more slim than boxy – if you want a looser fitting shirt, go with a size up. I’m 5′ 9″ and wear a large. If you put the tee in the dryer, the shirt may shrink as well. Maybe consider air-drying.



The Original Black (Gilden) Dragon Tee (men’s sizes)
Color: Black/Grey/White
100% cotton

Price: $30 $20 (including shipping)

Men’s Black/Grey Dragon Tee

jon-erik kawamoto personal trainer

jkconditioning fitness training

The Ash Grey (Gilden) Dragon Tee (men’s sizes)
Color: Ash Grey/Grey/White
100% cotton

Price: $30 $20 (including shipping)

Men’s Ash Grey Dragon Tee



Women’s Hylete Slate and Electric Blue Dragon Tee
Price: $30 $20 (including shipping)

*Shirts fit really slim (hence me not selling any smalls) – if you want a looser fitting shirt, go with a size up. Julia is 5’5″ and really lean and she wears an extra-large. If you put the tee in the dryer, the shirt may shrink as well. Maybe consider air-drying.

Women’s Slate/Electric Blue Dragon Tee


Below are ebooks I have found useful in helping me grow as a coach and trainer. Note: There are a TON of ebooks in the fitness market today and I do not share resources that are BS, gimmicky or that will waste your time.

The High Performance Handbook by Eric Cressey


Off the Floor: A Manual for Deadlift Domination by David Dellenave


LGN365 by JC Deen


Deadlift Dynamite by Andy Bolton and Pavel


Complete Olympic Lifting by Wil Flemming


High Frequency Training by Chad Waterbury


Accelerated Muscular Development 2.0 by James “Smitty” Smith


Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferruggia


Show and Go by Eric Cressey


Muscle Imbalances Revealed by Rick Kaselj


Ultimate MMA Conditioning by Joel Jameson


jon-erik kawamoto fitness writer
Supplement Goals Reference Guide from


The Renegade Diet by Jason Ferruggia


How to Get Published by Roman, Sean Hyson and Lou Schuler



Shop Now Rogue Fitness


This clothing company is in its infancy, but it’s exploding. The gear is comfortable, functional and looks great. If you’re a certified trainer, you’re gonna wanna listen up. Hylete is currently searching for trainers to join their “Train Team.” They offer 40% off to members and you can also build store credit. Follow this LINK and tell them JKConditioning sent you. They’re also looking for athletes to sponsor and service personnel, so make sure to check out Just make sure to tell them Jon-Erik Kawamoto sent you…so they treat you right.

The best sandbags on the market, hands down. I’ve been using Ultimate Sandbags for over 5 years and they still don’t get old. Great for home gyms or outdoor workouts…these bags (sand or water-filled) will definitely kick your ass.

Check out the Ultimate Sandbag HERE.

Fat Gripz
  • Fat Gripz are being used by thousands of athletes and military around the world for weight lifting, strength training and powerlifting, including members of the US Special Forces, teams in the NFL/MLB/NHL, top MMA fighters and top bodybuilders
  • Thick bar training with Fat Gripz immediately targets your body’s weak links – increasing muscle activation and giving you more strength and mass
  • Fat Gripz fit virtually all barbells, dumbbells, chin-up bars and cable attachments in seconds – making the bar more than twice as thick
  • Made from a military-grade high-density compound, they grip the bar like a clamp and don’t compress – even when deadlifting extreme loads

Check out Fat Gripz HERE.

The GYMBOSS is a small, easy to use, repeating interval timer. This multi-use timer has many versatile functions that make it beneficial to virtually any type of exercise program.

Check out the Gymboss Interval Timer HERE.


The Travel Roller is the worlds first Human-Friendly Foam Roller! It contains NO Heavy Metals, PVC, Glue, Phthalate, Latex, Rubber, or Dioxins. Safe to roll your skin on, safe to have in your home, no harmful off-gasing of chemicals, safe for our families & children and safe for our environment! Personally, Julia and I love to travel with our Travel Roller (hence the name!). Julia travelled all across the states and Canada competing in Track & Field this past summer and brought the Travel Roller with her everywhere!

Check out the Travel Roller HERE.

Sun Warrior protein is probably my all time favourite protein powder. It has the highest (non soy) raw whole grain sprouted vegan protein on the market. It’s also gluten and dairy free. By using a third generation process, they have created the best tasting vegetable protein on the market that has a silky smooth texture that blends well and tastes great compared with other chalky and grainy vegetable proteins.

Check out more about Sun Warrior and their products HERE.