3 Ways to Get Your Household Active During Your At-Home Workouts

By Angie Hurley, CSCS, CAT(C)

Getting your JK Conditioning sweat on at home? What a great time to pique your significant other’s interest in the gym, demonstrate a healthy lifestyle to your kids, and spread that workout love! 

I’ve been leading morning workouts for my parents in their living room for the last few mornings. There’s been lots of laughter and a little frustration (by me teaching and them learning), but also some improvements and accomplishments! One thing is for sure, it’s been helpful in building routine and passing the long days.

Involving the entire family into your workouts has several benefits:

  • Improve overall family health, both physical and mental.
  • Pass the time. These are long days and this can be one less hour to fill!
  • Lead by example. Model healthy behavior to your kids and help them burn off some of that endless energy.
  • Improve sleep
  • Create a routine
  • Release tension. Crowded households and long days? Sounds like a pressure cooker! Exercising can release some of those tensions.

Here are 3 ways to get the rest of your household involved in your workout routine:

1. Show Off Your Strength

Do your workout where others can see you. Let your muscles flex! You’ve been working hard at the gym, and now your family will get to see how you got there and how strong you really are. Being visible might get them interested in your workout, a certain movement, and motivate them to move more too!

We’ve actually heard from some of our clients who are participating in our Online Coaching Services that their spouses are impressed with their strength and ability to push themselves.

2. Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure

Don’t make your family feel like they must participate or worse, workout harder. Encourage them if they show interest, get them to try just one exercise and allow them to go at their own pace. Easing into it may be the best option if they are apprehensive. Help keep them safe by doing your best to explain the exercise. And don’t sound like a drill sergeant! An overly aggressive tone may just push them away even further.

3. Make It Fun

Here are some ideas to make at-home workouts more fun:

  • Use playing cards: assign each suite a specific movement and have everyone draw cards. The corresponding number and suite means you have to do that quantity of that movement! For example, if hearts is pushups, and I draw the 8 of hearts, I will have to do 8 push ups! 
  • Have a favorite show? Find 5-8 stereotypical things that happen, every episode, and assign an amount of an exercise to that act/phrase. For example, for Ru Paul’s Drag Race – everytime someone cries do 10 jumping jacks, everytime someone says “queen” do 10 squats, and when someone says “no shade” do 10 lunges! This can be done for lots of tv shows (Thanks to Buzzfeed for inspiring this idea).
  • Have each person pick 2 exercises and how many to do. Collaborating is the best way to improve investment in an activity. Once they feel like they are a part of the planning, they’ll want to participate more.
  • Roll the dice! Make a list of 10 exercises, then work your way down the list alternating turns to roll the dice. The number on the dice is how many sets of 5 reps you will do for that exercise!

Hope these suggestions help keep the social distancing blues away and add some fun to your household. Reach out to any of us at JK Conditioning for more suggestions on keeping moving!


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