How to Properly Perform the Hip Hinge

By Angie Hurley, CSCS, CAT(C) A movement is never all or nothing. All movements and exercises in the gym can be scaled through various methods to make them easier (regressing) or more difficult (progressing). Depending on factors such as training experience, body awareness, injury, fatigue, and muscle soreness, an exercise variation can be appropriately selected

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Building Habits in a Pandemic Era

By Angie Hurley, CSCS, CAT(C) A habit is a regular activity or action. In our current situation, where lives were disrupted to an extreme with no firm deadline in sight for a full return to normalcy, we can lose our good habits and develop negative ones. While it may have taken you years to build

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Full Body Home Luggage Workout

No traditional gym equipment required for this full body workout…only a piece of luggage! By Jon-Erik Kawamoto, MSc, CSCS, CEP Well, weโ€™re still stuck at home and many are looking for home workout ideas. In addition to our 2 Dumbbell Home Workout and Full Body Band Workout, hereโ€™s a full body home workout you can

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