6 Exercises to Improve Your Upper Body Running Posture

Check out Jon’s most recent article titled 6 Exercises To Improve Your Upper Body Running Posture, featured on Podium Runner’s website. Podium Runner is a website geared toward serious runners, who want serious results. This is Jon’s 18th article with Podium Runner (formally Competitor.com).

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Strength Training vs. The Menstrual Cycle: What Do We Know?

By Angie Hurley, CSCS, Cat(c) It’s no secret. During a woman’s reproductive years, her hormones can sometimes make her feel like a completely different person physically, mentally and emotionally, from week to week. Despite this fact, the way in which women’s hormones affect strength training, and vice versa, has not been very closely examined.  Some

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Pinto Bean Beet Burgers

Julia’s Favourite Plant-Based Burger

By Julia Howard, RHN, MPH The goal of many new vegans and plant-based eaters is to find and master the perfect bean burger. I had yet to achieve this goal, until recently. When I saw that America’s Test Kitchen had published their amazing Vegan for Everybody cookbook, I knew they would have a no-fail bean

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