The Truth About Unstable Surface Training for Runners

Unstable surface training has become a common sight in the strength and conditioning realm. With the popular concept of core stability, you see more and more runners training on exercise balls, Bosu balance trainers and balance discs. Runners often mistakenly believe that this type of training will incorporate greater core activation while simultaneously developing strength.

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3 Advanced Core Exercises for Runners

Got your attention didn’t I? If you’re like most runners on the internet, you probably were Googling: -best core exercises for runners -runner’s core exercises -core stability training for runners …or something along those lines. If you’re like most in this regard as well, you’re probably looking for the most advanced, “coolest” core exercises to

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Planks Gone Bad

If you’re an avid runner, you have probably read somewhere at some point that planks (front, side and hip) are beneficial for runners.  If you’re unfamiliar with planks, they are isometric static postures held for a certain amount of time.  For example, a front plank is usually performed on the elbows and toes.  A side

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