I’m Sick of the Fitness Industry

Yeah, you read that right. I’m sick of the fitness industry.

It’s full of elitists who think their shit doesn’t stink…

…and that it’s okay to make fun of people who don’t know what they’re doing in the gym.

But, do you know what the ironic thing is? Some of these people they’re making fun of, are people they’re trying to market to and attract as clients and maybe even sell their ebooks to. If they only knew how trainers were thinking of them…

Take this picture for example:

squat bosu

It’s been shared all over Facebook as if the Share button was clicking itself.

To someone who’s not familiar with working out, this looks difficult and perhaps very risky.

To someone who’s familiar with working out, this looks stupid (which justifies trainers and trainees to make fun of him, right?).

Why don’t they let this guy worry about what he’s doing and leave him alone? Does he affect you in anyway? If he gets hurt, what’s it to you? And does it really matter what he’s doing? Why don’t you just worry about your form and let this guy worry about his?

And the examples don’t end there. There are tons of videos on Youtube from trainees and maybe even trainers secretly filming someone dancing on the treadmill or using a piece of exercise equipment different from its intended use.

Do you know what kind of message you’re giving to your social network? People are going to be too damn scared to workout because they fear getting filmed and made fun of on Youtube. And people will surely not hire you to train them because you come across as a pompous asshole who doesn’t have time or the patience to work with beginners. If that’s the kind of image you want to portray, keep hitting that Share button.

I could care less about trainees taking videos because they’re not trying to get clients, but if you’re a trainer, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Also,ย people love to make fun of others with different training philosophies, especially if it’s different from their own.

For example, people love to hate Crossfit because they think it’s stupid. Yeah some people get injured doing Crossfit and some things that Greg Glassman says doesn’t make much sense. But other athletes like hockey players, football players and MMA fighters get injured too. And I hate to break it to you, but the system of Crossfit, which is glorified circuit training, gets their clients and participants results. I’m not saying I’m a fan of kipping pull ups, but you get my drift.

Trainers seem to have an opinion on every aspect of training under the sun, saying curls are a waste of time, functional training is the only way to go, Olympic lifting is dangerous, bodybuilding is useless, cardio is stupid, fasted training is better than fed and blah, blah, blah…and don’t even get me started on Bro Science…

This industry is supposed to be about helping people reach and surpass their health and fitness goals. We should work as a team and help each other, while progressing this young industry. There’s no room for assholes or know-it-alls.

So the next time you see a picture or video of an exercise that doesn’t fit your exercise dogma and want to hit that Share button, take a sec to think about what that action says about you and your business. Also realize its repercussions on the people you’re trying to market to.

Stop being an elitist and only worry about yourself and your clients, period.

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  1. Great points JK!

  2. Yeeeaaahh Buuuddeeyy!
    Very well said Jon. Keep being the man and the professional of integrity that you are.
    It speaks volumes to who you are and can only continue to rub off on those who come in contact with you.

  3. Dude, the PROBLEM with the morons in those pictures and organizations like CultFit is that people get influenced by them – then WE have to deal with that shit.

    You said it yourself, “We should work as a team and help each other, while progressing this young industry.”

    How do you progress an industry where people are heavily influenced by sugar-fobia, kipping pullups, and half-wit moronic weight lifting programming that has them doing high rep deadlifts before powercleans… and a bunch of other face-palming shenanigans?

    This is why I’ll take a picture like that, post it on my fan page and say “don’t do this”. If that reaches close to 2000 people who will avoid doing such stupidity, did’t I just progress the industry by a little bit?

    I sure as hell think so.

    While I agree being an elitist isn’t the way to go, being highly opinionated about programming that isn’t ideal, then suggesting a better alternative is warranted.

    Now the only problem is, everyone thinks their advice is the best. So we come full circle.

    It does make me sick of the industry at times, but I’m up to fight the good fight.

    • We can progress the industry by educating our clients with our knowledge, experience and scientific research. People are going to be influenced by whatever the social dogma is at the time but if you give them a reason to believe in your system, which works and works for them, well that’s all we can do. What other people do with their training and programming doesn’t really concern us.

      And see, you’re still hating saying that certain programming is “moronic.” Who are you to say it is? I’m not saying it is or isn’t moronic, just that I don’t train my clients like that, so that’s all that matters. Is that how you train your clients? Prob not, so it shouldn’t concern you either.

      Sure, you progressed the industry by sharing that photo WITH a constructive criticism while NOT making fun of it and calling the guy an idiot….but many share these types of photos with captions like “LOL” or “this guy’s an idiot.”

      Advice is always context specific hence works for some and not for others. We might think our advice is best, but learn something new and change our entire thought pattern e.g. TA activation vs bracing vs hollowing vs nothing.

      I appreciate what you’re saying though. Thanks for the comment FJ.

  4. “And see, you’re still hating saying that certain programming is “moronic.” Who are you to say it is? I’m not saying it is or isn’t moronic…”

    Yeah but see, you can’t agree and disagree with that, because then you end up being so neutral that you will be outspoken by those that preach the dogmas. Either you agree it’s bullshit, or you think it’s legit. The middle ground has no audience – or a very small one. You’ll end up trying to speak to everyone, while no one will actually listen. How does that help anyone? Get what I’m saying?

    “…just that I don’t train my clients like that, so that’s all that matters. Is that how you train your clients? Prob not, so it shouldn’t concern you either.”

    Well I’ve had clients come to me AFTER suffering from things like CultFit and pink dumbbell curl programming. So at some point or another, it will matter. You can’t turn a blind eye towards it just because you’re doing something one way, is what I’m saying.

    I think we agree on some grounds here, and I do believe advice is context specific. And I’m by no means saying trainers shouldn’t learn something new. I’ve changed the way I do things, at least on a small scale, year after year as I learn new shit as well.

    • Yeah, I hear what you’re saying man. Yeah, and when those clients come to you, you show them how it is to really train and get them results. They’ll be a client for life!

      Yeah, me too – constantly learning and reevaluating my thoughts and beliefs about this industry.

      We can help others and other trainers; we just don’t have to be dicks about it :)

  5. That exercise in the picture is very functional…if you are in a circus act which entails walking on stilts and holding 2 children

  6. We learn by doing! I call some of the crazy stuff out there guaranteed income!! Eventually they will call on trainers to get help or rehab when they realize they are not getting results or they may not if they discovered something new. And if they have guess what – we’ll be at their seminar. Think of how much new stuff gets thought of as crazy at first but then is accepted. Good points Jon!!


  7. Yes! You basically beat to writing this post! I’ve seen a lot of hating and beating up on people on social media lately and its really annoying. If someone posts an increase in fitness over a week’s time that doesn’t seem accurate, just let them have their glory. If the said they increased their squat max, don’t automatically assume it was with half-motion reps. If someone eats a certain way or works out a certain way, good for them, at least their doing something. It doesn’t make them any less deserving or worthy of a person and who are you or I took make fun of them for that? Hating on others is truly reflexive of some issue you’ve got going on in your own life that you’re manifesting on that other person.

    However, if you’re curling in the squat rack, I’m going to say something… But it will be to your face : )

  8. I love it when you go off. You make great points and just cut straight to it. I fully back what you’re saying. Who gives a shit, doesn’t affect me.

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