Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition matters.

Most of us know that healthy eating can help prevent major chronic diseases.

But, maybe you feel pretty healthy right now. Does a goal like: ward off chronic disease seem too obscure for you to make a change to your diet?


Well, We can Help

A nutrition coach can give you the knowledge, consistent feedback, and balanced perspective you need to help you make real lasting changes.

So, you can make manageable changes now with measurable results.

Benefits: Eat Better, Feel Better Now

From fat loss to better digestion to improving your mood and focus, you can DO BETTER with your eating habits and see an impact NOW, not to mention reduce your risk of developing major chronic diseases associated with life in the western world.

Eat for the life you want. Because, you’re a high-performance human when you’re at your best.

JKC Nutrition Programs

Our programs are:

Customized. Results-oriented. Expertly designed. Behaviour-focused. Whole food / plant-based. Practical.

What You’ll Learn:

Meal planning strategies. Pre- / post-workout nutrition. Digestive health strategies. Mindful eating. Supplementation.

Apply today to see if we’re a good fit.

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Articles by JKC staff on Nutrition have been seen in publications such as, Canadian Running Magazine & Inside Fitness Magazine.