Online Strength Coaching

Home Workout Program $50 + tax (for existing JKC clients in the metro St. John’s area only)

During this unprecedented time, we want to help as many people as possible. It’s important to keep a regular routine, not just for productivity, but also for physical and mental health. We know that it may be difficult to predict what the next while will look like, which is why we’re offering one week of workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home. No long term commitments or lengthy contracts.

You don’t need equipment as our coaches will design you a customized workout based on what you have access to – a couch, some chairs, a snow shovel and a heavy book bag is actually plenty. But if you have equipment, that’s obviously great too :)

We will create up to 3 strength workouts and up to 3 cardio sessions that will make up a week of workouts based on your goals, needs and current ability. Warm up drills and muscle activation exercises will also be included.

If you want progressions, simple, just let us know and we’ll design you the next week of workouts.

You will receive a digital PDF booklet that includes:

  • workout table that indicates exercises, sets, reps, pace, effort level, rest and important notes/cues
  • exercise handouts with photos and exercise descriptions
  • workout log to track weights used, sets, reps and progress

We will also provide unlimited email correspondence during the week for your questions.

For existing JKC clients in the metro St. John’s area only. If interested, let’s CONNECT.

For all inquires out of province, please reach out for more info HERE.