Our Story

Our clients attend JKConditioning for the supportive nonjudgmental gym atmosphere and trust our coaches with their health and fitness goals.

The Dragon Manifesto

An ancient Japanese tale tells of a school of koi fish swimming upstream. Gaining strength by fighting against the current, the school glimmered as they swam together through the river.

When they reached a waterfall at the end of the river, many of the koi turned back, letting the flow of the river carry them away.
The remaining koi refused to give up. Leaping from the depths of the river, they attempted to reach the top of the waterfall.

Their efforts caught the attention of local demons, who mocked their efforts. Finally, one koi reached the top of the waterfall.
The gods recognized the koi for its perseverance and determination and turned it into a dragon, the image of power and strength.

The dragon symbolizes triumph over adversity, renewed fire within, and transformation through self-knowledge.

Not only do we build physical strength in the gym but the physical practice also builds strength of character. We can use this strength to help us create a vision for our lives and develop perseverance to achieve it.

The dragon image reminds us to be intentional in our daily lives and strive to be better everyday.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people become their strongest, fittest selves through expert coaching in a nonjudgmental, supportive gym environment.