Pro Athletes in the Gym Not Looking too Pro

It’s amazing what kind of stuff pops up on the internet.

Tonight, this video popped up on my Facebook newsfeed – I can’t repost the video here because the option has been disabled. But here’s a picture:

lance cleans

It’s a video of the man himself Lance Armstrong doing several exercises in the gym. Now you would expect an athlete with Lance’s accomplishments to be quite proficient in the gym; however, this is not the case. It’s sloppy and not as effective as it could be.

For the lay person reading/watching, this technique is horrendous and it’s not surprising he didn’t get hurt. Would be interesting to see what WOULD happen if Lance had been coached by a strength and conditioning coach that knew what he/she was doing.

It doesn’t end there.

The fastest man alive doesn’t do cleans correctly either.

Usain also had some back trouble last season – wonder if it was caused by poor exercise technique in the gym?

It’s unfortunate these athletes didn’t have good coaching when they were learning these lifts. Maybe they didn’t have any coaching at all (but I doubt that). Would also be interesting to see how fast Usain would have ran if he was 110% effective in the gym.

No disrespect toward these two gentlemen, just wanted to take this opportunity to use these videos as an educational tool for you.

If you want to learn how to do the clean correctly, check out my 1st article on T-Nation: A Surefire Way to Learn the Clean.

Here’s a short video of me doing the same exercise. I’m still working on my technique, but you can see a huge difference from how Lance and Usain are performing the same exercise.

Lance or Usain, if you’re reading this, LET ME HELP YOU!

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4 Comments On “Pro Athletes in the Gym Not Looking too Pro”

  1. Nice technique on the lift. So sick of these “pro athletes” with no proper training. In the end the video with Usain would be argued “well he is just doing fast reps, but as you said, back problems. Uhhh people and their poor technique, I tell you jon!

  2. A case where genetics can let people get away with a LOT. With most athletes, there is no room for error. I am w am working with UBC athletes who have never been properly coached on lifts. What I like best here JK is that we pointed out the problem and didn’t dwell on it – instead you offered SOLUTIONS to it. You offered free education. As true pros, that is all we can do and hope that athlete and general people will too become more educated and more discerning about who they hire to help them. Good job!

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