1-on-1 Training Sessions

One-on-One training sessions are 60-minutes long and are reserved for initial assessments and for those looking for technique coaching, new exercises and program revamping.

The initial assessment includes:

  • discussion on current and past health status
  • discussion on current and past injuries
  • movement assessment to expose dysfunctions and imbalances
  • exercise technique coaching
  • nutritional strategies to best suit your goals


Personalized Group Training Sessions

Semi-private training sessions, or ‘personalized group training,’ as we like to call it, are available to those looking to train at JKC on a regular basis. What does regular basis mean? At JKC, you can choose how often you’d like to workout. We have clients that do 1-4 sessions/week, so it’s up to you, your finances and our schedule as to how often you’d like to workout. Our group workouts can range from 1 to 6 clients per group depending on who books. Groups fill organically via our online booking system, MINDBODY.

It’s called Personalized Group Training because you’ll receive a uniquely designed workout based on your goals, current ability and interests, that you’ll perform in a group setting. This allows clients of different sexes and ages, with varying goals and abilities to exercise together. Group training environments are more motivational and great for building relationships with like-minded individuals. All workouts are 60-minutes and clients are encouraged to arrive at the gym 5-min early to start their personalized warm-up. And don’t worry, you don’t have to carry your program with you and try to decipher what this exercise is or how to use that piece of equipment. We tell you your workout, set up your weights/stations and coach you every step of the way.

Note: All clients must start with a 1-on-1 assessment prior to being booked in with others.


1-on-1 Coaching Session (includes Initial Assessment) = $80/session + HST (15%)

Personalized Group Training Session = $45/person/session + HST (15%)

We’re a fee-for-service business. There are no monthly or long-term fees. Lastly, we don’t offer drop-ins or gym memberships at this time. Sessions are by appointment only.

Acceptable payment methods include cash, check, email transfer, Visa and Master Card.

Who Trains Here?

JP MullowneyOur niche clientele are 30-70 yrs young, working professionals or retired. We cater to the average fitness enthusiast with minimal gym experience but also train various athletes, particularly endurance athletes (runners and triathletes). Do you fit our niche? If you’re looking to improve your health, fitness level, athletic performance or just become more awesome physically, we can help ☺

The Facility

JKConditioning is based out of a 1600 square foot facility on the second floor in the Capital Subaru car dealership building on Kenmount road. Complete with male and female locker rooms and showers, JKConditioning is equipped with mostly free weight style equipment, several types of cardio equipment, along with a 50′ turf straightaway. This facility is a corporate gym with no public access. This boutique style set-up makes JKConditioning standout from the big-box gym set-up and allows for intimately coached training sessions. JKC has designated parking on the west side of the parking lot, near the back, beside the fence.

Our address is:

150 Kenmount Road (Subaru dealership building, 2nd floor; entrance on west side of building)
St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada
A1B 3P9